Smart hybrid realization: refined user stratification, improve your overall revenue

Smart Hybrid Realizations is a user layering tool that works with developers to build a data model that helps developers layer users based on their propensity to pay and match different business strategies to different layers of users.

Competitive Demand

Join a vibrant marketplace of more than 105,000 leading global advertisers to drive demand and maximize revenue.

Advanced Ad-Tech

Achieve perfect ad matches and best possible eCPM with the latest advances in ad-technology and real-time bidding.

Expert Support

Connect with our dedicated specialists for fast, agile, and expert guidance in unleashing the full potential of your app.

Real-life Success Stories

A head paid novel APP

Playrix's flagship business simulation game, Dreamtown, is using pangolins to spur video advertising and generate substantial revenue growth through a hybrid monetization model

The product is now open to public beta, welcome to sign up for trial