Best Practices for Rewarded Video Ad Placement in Mobile Games

Rewarded video ads are the perfect choice for any type of game. By letting players watch ads voluntarily in exchange for in-game rewards, this format encourages them to spend more time in the game, increases the value of non-paying players, and helps ensure high CPMs, as well as a better user experience.
4 factors to consider ahead of monetization
Giving players an enjoyable experience is crucial for games of all kinds -- simply put, the entire purpose of creating them. For designers and developers seeking to monetize, this makes considering the ideal placement and settings for rewarded video ads an essential part of the creative process. The first rule of thumb is to identify players\' core needs and then focus on ways of targeting these as a motivation to watch the ads. Offering players rewards they can use in-game not only ensures ads are a pleasant part of the experience but also helps cultivate an effective game mechanism.
Here are 4 key tips to consider before monetizing your games with rewarded video ads:
1. Make your ads accessible
Clear, attractive ad buttons that are well-positioned in the game interface can make an outstanding first impression. The goal with rewarded video ads is to provide players an easy-to-recognize and consistent means of accessing them. Ideas to consider include subtle motion effects, contrasting colors, and smart text displays that can help make ad buttons stand out for enhanced accessibility.
2. Make rewards explicit and upfront
Mystifying an ad's reward won't make it more attractive. Instead, motivate players by communicating its benefit to them with the assurance of a specific reward for opting in. For example, consider messages like "Watch a video for another life" or \"Play a video for double coins\".
3. Offer enticing reward items in strategic amounts
Satisfying rewards are likely to boost clicks and conversions. Rewards should be items from the gaming economy in amounts with tangible, immediate value to the player. Difficult-to-obtain game necessities make especially strong incentives. For mid-core games, consider rewarding players with coins they can use to make more in-app purchases.
For casual games, offering players more lives or shortened cooldowns can be an effective way to keep them in the game. Determining the ideal amount for an ad's reward requires a holistic calculation of its CPM and overall cost. It is crucial to avoid the negative impact that an excess of ad rewards can have on the gaming economy.
4. Calibrate your ad frequency
A well-calculated ad frequency can help ensure the health of your gaming economy, a better user experience, and more stable ad revenues. In casual games, for instance, set a 5-8 time frequency cap for an average of every 20 to 50 minutes that players spend in-game, with intervals between ads to keep them fresh.
A guide to rewarded video ad placement
Tapping the full potential of rewarded video ads is about combining the right ad placements at each stage of the user flow based on a holistic understanding of your players\' needs. Here are some suggestions for placement:
Pre-game placement:
  • Landing page: Daily login rewards
  • Home page:
    • Watch videos for coins, diamonds, props, and so on

    • Watch videos for lucky draws such as lucky turntables, treasure boxes, and so on

  • Missions: Watch videos to collect gear fragments
  • Store: Watch videos for game currency rewards or discounts on in-app purchases

Mid-game placement:
  • Watch videos for double/extra points
  • Watch videos for health points, props, and other items
  • Watch videos to unlock new characters, levels, skills, scenes, and
    so on. (Players are more likely to purchase an item after
    accessing it with a limited-time trail.)
  • Watch videos to reduce cooldowns and speed up gameplay
E.g.: Watch the ad to open the treasure box immediately
  • Parkour/RPG/music games: Watch videos for resurrections
  • Puzzle/adventure games: Watch videos for tips
  • Match-three games: Watch videos for more moves