Pangle‘s 2020 at a glance

The past year has been full of exciting upgrades for Pangle, from new features to a whole new brand. Amidst a whirlwind of changes throughout the year, one thing does not change in Pangle: moving forward and helping our developers and publishers thrive.

  • Pangle entered Japan in July 2019, propelling us to reach 800 million users worldwide.

  • This year, we also went live in Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Russia, etc.

  • We've enriched our services to reach even more diverse groups of people.

    • 80% of the top 100 game apps in the App Store use Pangle.

    • 70% of the top 20 manga apps in the App Store use Pangle.

    • Emerging verticals that have proven results on Pangle now include finance, social networking, tools, news, and livestreaming.

  • Market engagement has increased from 2020 H1 to 2020 H2. Clickthrough rate for Pangle-based video ads increased by 1.2% in Japan and 3.08% in Korea.

  • App event optimization (AEO): now supports in-app event optimization (IAEO), multi-bidding and auto-bidding.

  • Playable ads: By switching from non-playable to playable ads, one casual game on Pangle increased its conversion rate by 570%.

  • We improved our monetization services this year in multiple ways.

    • Rolled out in-app bidding solutions

    • Began supporting native ads

    • Launched our iOS 14-compatible SDK

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The Pangle New Year Buff for gaming apps

Game developers who install the Pangle SDK from now until February 28, 2021, will receive $1,000 ad credit to use in their advertising campaign , absolutely free!

See our previous blog for more details and the terms and conditions!

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