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Native ads

What are native ads

Native ads are ads that look and feel just like the content surrounding them. Native ads form a natural part of the interface that you can run more of them without disrupting user experience. With Pangle, you can run native ads in image or video format

Native ads highlights

Native ads boost CPM

Research shows that in mobile apps, native ads perform up to 10 times better than display ads. Specifically, mobile native ads tend to earn more viewing and interaction time, stronger visual focus, and more-positive reactions than other ad formats. In some cases, switching from traditional ad formats to native ads has even led to a 15-fold jump in CTR.

Native ads help users

Native ads are often embedded in news feeds, where they blend in naturally and are less likely to spark negative reactions. Native ads can help users find what they need without getting in the way.

Native ads offer more flexibility

Native ads can be customized to suit any kind of app interface. In addition, a native ad can include custom elements that help tie it in to its environment. As a result, beyond conveying a message, a native ad can even enhance user experience.

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