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Certification & Sign a contract

1. Go to【Account】on the bottom left corner or you can click 【complete】button

2. Fill in your account information and qualification information.

* Account information

* Basic Information

To be submitted (Please NOTE that all the information you enter here will appear on the executed contract.)

* Financial Information

Please check carefully as incorrect financial information may result in significant delays in payment.

* Contract information

a. Please make sure that the person referred to here has the right to sign the contract with Pangle b. Please make sure that this is a mobile number that could receive SMS confirmation. c. Please note that this email will receive e-signature invitation to sign the agreement.
Then, you will receive a notice that qualification verification has been submitted successfully.

3. About 5 minutes later, you will receive an email that asks you to sign the online contract via DocuSign.

4. Click【review document】and Sign the online contract on DocuSign. The contract should be counter-signed and be available on the platform in 24 hours.

5. About 5 minutes later, you would check your contract is【Effecting】. Congratulations, you have finished all the steps.

You can always download your contract from the Pangle platform.
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