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Through access to a vast network of advertisers, Pangle offers interactive and high performing in-app advertising solutions that make app monetization simplified.




Key Advertisers


Segmented Verticals

High-Performing Ad Formats

Pangle websiteNative AdsFormats

Native Ads

Pangle websiteVideo Feed AdsFormats

Video Feed Ads

Pangle websiteRewarded Video AdsFormats

Rewarded Video Ads

Pangle websiteBanner AdsFormats

Banner Ads

Native Ads

An ad that you place inside your feed. Fits seamlessly into your app's user flow.

High Returns

Pangle websiteMaximize Your Earnings to Grow Efficiently

Maximize Your Earnings to Grow Efficiently


Mobile Apps

6.8Billion +

Daily Impressions

700Million +


Powered by intelligent advertising technology, Pangle helps apps maximize their earnings, create engaging and seamless ad experience, and grow efficiently.

Professional Service

Client Support

Professional team with fast and effective communication

Brand Safety

Professional ad auditing and blacklisting

Strict Regulation

The anti-fraud mechanism safeguards a healthy traffic environment

Automated Platform

The convenient platform enables one-stop management of your app monetization

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