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You can configure basic information of customized express banner ads by using BUNativeExpressBannerView. For example, when configuring the desired size, in order to avoid deformation of the ad view during the rendering process, you must use the same size configurations as the media platform. By setting BUNativeExpressBannerViewDelegate, you can get callbacks for ads, impressions, clicks, and closes. Please note that the rootViewController must be set as this is the viewController required for jumping to the landing page.


You can configure the desired size of customized express banner ads by using SetExpressViewAcceptedSize of the AdSlot.Invoke LoadExpressBannerAd(AdSlot adSlot, IExpressAdListener listener) of the AdNative to load the ad object ExpressAd.Invoke the NativeAdManager.Instance().ShowExpressBannerAd method to display ads. Refer to the demo for a detailed example.Note that after using the ad object, you need to invoke NativeAdManager.Instance().DestoryExpressAd to release resources and reduce memory usage.

Load Express Banner Ad

Display Express Banner Ad



Express Banner Ad Interface