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Initialize Pangle SDK

Pass AppID to initialize Pangle SDK

You must initialize Pangle SDK before loading Pangle ads. This needs to be done only once, ideally at App Launch stage(in AppDelegate method).

Pangle provides a new asynchronize sdk initialization method starting from v3.6.0.0,, in the new initialization flow, there is a BUAdSDKConfiguration class, any setups should be passed through BUAdSDKConfiguration class. When Pangle SDK is initialized successfully, you will get the notification from the init callback.We recommand to set allowModifyAudioSessionSetting to true to not interrupt the background's audio playback.

  • the old initialization method setAppID still works in the new sdk.

Warning: Ads may be preloaded by the Pangle Ads SDK or mediation partner SDKs after initialization. If you need to obtain consent from users under age 13, please ensure you do so before initializing the Pangle Ads SDK.

Interface Instruction

Currently, the BUAdSDKManager provides the following class methods.


Pangle also compliances with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), Pangle SDK provides setCoppa method for publishers. At the moment, Pangle won't return ads for Children (Under the age of 13).

Redirect Readme

All the rootViewController parameters in Ad APIs must be provided to process ad redirects. In the SDK, all redirects use the present method. Therefore, make sure that the passed rootViewController parameters are not null and do not have other present controllers. Otherwise the present will fail because presentedViewController already exists.