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Rewarded Video

Load Rewarded Video Ad

We would recommend you that preload the ad and set up the callback event, since it takes time to load video ads.

Display Rewarded Video Ad

Call the method ShowRewardVideoAd after successfully loading an ad.

Monitoring Settings of Rewarded Video Ad

To further customize the behavior of your ad, you can hook into a number of events in the ad's lifecycle

Rewarded Video Ad Destruction

Since the rewarded video ad is always referenced, the corresponding resource will not be released and needs to be released by yourself.

If you need more than one rewarded video ad, it is recommended to create multiple RewardVideoAd and manage the corresponding video separately. If only one is displayed at a time, LoadRewardAd can be called after the first rewarded video closes to load the new rewarded video ad. Please refer to the demo example for specific usage.


RewardVideoAd Interface