Playable Ads Fuel a 150% Traffic Jump for Mobile Game Kyuteijokan

Historical games are hugely popular in Japan, thanks to their charming aesthetics and intimate connection to local culture. Kyuteijokan, a female-focused RPG centering on imperial court life in Japan, is no exception. After its release in April 2018, Kyuteijokan steadily rose in the rankings, eventually becoming one of the top 100 free mobile games in Japan.

Having achieved sustained stability and a decent-sized user base, the game s creators were hoping to resolve the bottlenecks keeping them from further growth. Specifically, they were aiming to improve their traffic without negatively impacting their conversion rate. For help achieving this goal, they turned to Pangle.

Bid Competitiveness Fit for an Emperor

What Kyuteijokan s creators needed most was to improve their bid competitiveness – in other words, improving eCPM, calculated as bid x estimated CTR x estimated CVR x 1000. It followed that the key to improving eCPM would be improving CTR x CVR.

With their proven performance, playable ads were the perfect tool for the task. According to Pangle s data, playable ads typically generate 3 times more CTR x CVR than video ads. And the beautifully designed characters, outfits, and scenery of Kyuteijokan were excellent ingredients for compelling playable ads. In planning out the ads, the game s creators focused on showing off in-game elements and the storyline together (for more on choosing a creative direction for playable ads, see our previous article).

The Royal Treatment for Playable Ads

Kyuteijokan ended up with stunning and effective playable ads thanks to three key strengths:

1. The featured portion of the game was interactive and easy to play.

2. The ad told an intriguing story to pique viewer interest and encourage clickthrough.

3. The ad creation process was kept simple and efficient, with no coding or development. In fact, it only took about 15 minutes. Using Pangle s interactive template for stories, all the creators needed to do was provide some characters, scenery, and other core game elements, and the playable ads were easy to put together.

A Majestic Achievement

The playable ads for Kyuteijokan were even more successful than expected. Viewers were intrigued, resulting in a clickthrough rate increase of 150%. In fact, after implementing the playable ads, the game began earning 210% of the traffic it was earning from previous non-playable campaigns on Pangle.

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