GMO Media Doubles App Revenue with Pangle Interstitial Video Ads

Founded in 2000 in Tokyo, Japan, GMO Media has been creating online content since the early days of the Internet. Its recently released Pre-Novel app is a platform for reading manga and interacting with other fans of them. Hugely popular among girls and young women, the app has over 100,000 DAU and counting.

GMO Media came to Pangle with one big goal: maximizing Pre-Novel s ad revenue without compromising in-app user experience.

Becoming a Monetization Success Story

GMO Media inserted Pangle s interstitial video ads in between chapters on Pre-Novel, making sure to prioritize user experience. A carefully designed interface and ad placements ensure that users can easily distinguish ads from content.

To manage revenue from different placements, GMO Media relied on the waterfall method, and set CPM goals using Pangle s CPM Target tool.

In addition, the Pangle team provided GMO Media with clear guidance and agile technical support throughout the SDK integration process.

Revenue Finds Its Happily Ever After

Thanks to Pangle s competitive monetization capabilities, Pre-Novel has seen a stable fill rate of 95%. In May 2020, the eCPM of Pangle s interstitial video ads increased by over 220% compared to April. As a result, Pre-Novel s total revenue increased to 110%.

Building on this success, GMO Media is now planning to incorporate more of Pangle s ad formats in Pre-Novel, including native ads.

"Pangle has helped us take Pre-Novel s performance to the next level. We ve seen a huge improvement in revenue. Moving forward, we re confident Pangle can help us achieve even more."

-- Shunsuke Asai, GMO Media Division Manager