Tofu Girl Triples CVR Through Pangle s Playable Ads

As amusing as its name may sound, hyper-casual mobile game Tofu Girl is no joke. Its cute graphics, smooth animation, and simple yet addicting gameplay have drawn in mobile gamers around the world. Who could resist helping an adorable little girl jump and land on plump, springy blocks of tofu?

In its early days, the game saw moderate success, but its developers sensed that it had even more potential to tap into, particularly in the Japanese market. Seeking to drive downloads and expand their user base in Japan, Tofu Girl s creators approached Pangle.

Jumping at the Chance to Grow

Mobile ad formats have evolved quickly, from static images, to videos, to interactive experiences. These innovations have taken ad performance and efficiency to new levels. Recognizing that playing Tofu Girl for a few seconds was enough to get hooked, the developers chose to create playable ads for it on Pangle.

Playable ads work like mini-games, giving the user a taste of core app functions without requiring a download in advance. Because playable ads are highly interactive, frictionless, and fun, they are among the most effective ways to improve conversion rates. And by engaging users in more ways than image or video ads can, playable ads let advertisers track ad performance with a wider range of metrics.

Tofu Girl s playable ads present entry-level gameplay with one simple instruction: Tap to jump. Users are instantly immersed in the game, and because they can keep trying again until they succeed, the playable ad builds up a sense of attachment. A download button is displayed throughout the ad, allowing users to download the Tofu Girl app directly if they want to explore the game further. And users who engage with the ad are highly likely to tap this button to extend their gaming experience.

A Tofu Girlplayable ad with a “Play Now” button

A Jump in User Acquisition

Tofu Girl s playable ads on Pangle have driven both a higher click rate and more conversions. The chances of the playable ads being shown are 200% higher. As a result, CVR for the playable ads is triple what it was for Tofu Girl s non-playable ads.

"Pangle has been indispensable in our efforts to expand our user base. We couldn t be happier with the results of Pangle s playable ads: higher CTR, higher CVR, and overall strong campaign performance."

-- Tofu Girl Team