Game Studio Two Men and a Dog Doubles Revenues Through Exclusive Partnership with Pangle

Since 2013, Helsinki-based mobile game studio Two Men and a Dog has made a mission of creating "games that nobody has ever imagined". Inspired by unconventional concepts such as offbeat movies and TV shows, the studio dreams up games with a distinctive style, fun characters, and original gameplay. Their latest game, Walk Master, has reached over 16 million downloads since its launch in July 2019.

Monetizing for sustainable growth

As Two Men and a Dog was seeking to publish Walk Master in China, a market unfamiliar to them, they approached Pangle for assistance. Specifically, the studio hoped to scale the game profitably, generating funds to support further user base expansion.

Designing a game with an ad strategy in mind

From the beginning, Walk Master was designed to incorporate ad formats that would fit in organically with gameplay. When it came time to implement ad placements, Two Men and a Dog chose Pangle s interstitial video ads and rewarded video ads.

Interstitial videos in Walk Master are occasionally displayed between rounds of gameplay. To minimize the impact on user experience, the display frequency is kept relatively low.

Rewarded video ads can be watched at various opportunities during gameplay. After watching these ads, users win coins, which can be used to buy tools and opportunities in the game. Since these coins would otherwise need to be purchased, the rewarded video ads give non-paying players a leg up. And for paying players, watching rewarded video ads is a way to get coins even faster.

Having considered ad placement strategy in advance, Two Men and a Dog were able to make the most out of these ad formats and ensure that they fit seamlessly into the flow of the game. For example:

  1. In the character purchase interface, players can choose to watch an ad and receive a coin reward. Since these rewarded video ads become available at a point when the player wants coins most, they yield an especially high click rate.
  1. If the player ends up not liking a random character they ve picked, they can watch an ad to choose another random character. To maintain the logic of the game, this method can only be used 5 times in a row.
  1. After buying a character, the player can customize the character s gear. This is another point at which the player can watch a rewarded ad to win coins for purchasing gear.

Among the most effective ads displayed on Walk Master are playable ads. Playable ads are gaining popularity among Pangle s advertisers and can encourage user interaction and generate high conversion rates, increasing publisher eCPM and improving app monetization efficiency.

Enjoying the benefits of effective monetization

The Pangle team provided strong technical support to Two Men and a Dog, facilitating efficient integration to ensure the best possible monetization results. Pangle also conducted a weekly data review, shared relevant insights, and provided additional guidance.

Through its exclusive monetization partnership with Pangle in the China market, Walk Master has seen its daily ad revenue doubled, enabling it to rapidly scale its user base.

"When it comes to boosting profitability, Pangle is a partner you can trust. They helped us significantly increase our revenue through ads, sharing valuable market insights along the way. We hope to have a long-lasting partnership in monetization and user acquisition with Pangle."

--Matti Kallonen, CEO