Amanotes boosts ROAS with Pangle’s rewarded video ads and playable ads

The world’s leading musical game publisher

Amanotes is a fast-growing app publisher from Vietnam with a global reach in the music-tech industry. With its mission to delight people with magical musical experiences, Amanotes has generated more than 1.7 billion app downloads and gained over 120 million monthly active users with its collection of hit titles.

Among these, Magic Tiles 3 is an extremely catchy piano game enjoyed by more than 450 million fans around the world. Like many of Amanotes music games, Magic Tiles 3 features simple yet challenging gameplay, a captivating interface, and exciting musical rhythms.

Effectively boost the ROAS

Ahead of Magic Tiles 3’s launch in Japan, Amanotes approached Pangle for helping grow its base of users who would be likely to engage with the game and be converted as paying players, with ROAS held positive.

Given the clear goal, the team customized campaign setups for Pangle and strategically adjusted their bids according to the ROAS performance, along with the in-app event optimization on Pangle side.

After running ads on Pangle for a short time period, Amanotes has seen a remarkable 500% increase in the conversion rate, with the overall ROAS boosted as well.

Using rewarded video ads and playable ads to drive up conversions

Amanotes chose to employ Pangle s rewarded video ads to increase the likelihood that target audiences would watch them to completion, gaining valuable brand exposures and raising the chances of conversion. To further enhance the ad engagement and fulfill users experience, the team developed a series of playable ad creatives to allow their target audience to try the real gameplay in the ads without downloading the game.

Because Magic Tiles 3 features hit music, the client also used popular local music and cute, locally-themed visual elements to generate hundreds of video ad creatives, making its ads more accessible to Japanese audiences. To make each ad uniquely engaging, Amanotes further developed an array of call-to-action copy options specifically tailored to the themes in each video.

Amanotes saw an impressive amount of clicks generated from the playable ads, uplifting the conversion rate by 61%.

After running the campaign over a vast network of apps with Pangle, the client saw a massive volume of clicks accompanied by an impressive conversion rate. To date, Amanotes has allocated almost a half of its acquisition budget for the Japanese market to Pangle, as well as expressing satisfaction with Pangle s prompt turnaround and optimization services.