Kwalee Bolsters Mobile Game Revenue with Pangle s Rewarded Video Ads

Kwalee is a leading UK-based mobile game developer with a simple mission: to create fun, innovative games that millions will love. In 2012, just a year after its founding, Kwalee was recognized on the UK s Startups 100 list and has since published games that have been downloaded over 300 million times, including chart toppers such as Shootout 3D, Rocket Sky! Go Fish, and Draw It.

Although making hit games has always come easily to Kwalee, it needed support in maximizing revenue. With that in mind, Kwalee sought to launch all-new titles with Pangle.

Putting viral games to work

Pangle has helped Kwalee monetize many of their iOS games in the Chinese and Japanese markets.

One such game is Jetpack Jump. This simple yet addicting game revolves around tapping to propel a jetpack-wearing character as far as possible. Jetpack Jump ranked in the top 3 among all apps in the US, UK, and 19 other countries. In 89 countries, it ranked as the #1 sports game.

In Jetpack Jump, Kwalee implemented Pangle s rewarded video ads. Among other advantages, rewarded ads have a positive impact on both user experience and publisher revenue. After each round of Jetpack Jump gameplay, users can watch an ad to double or triple their winnings or get free jetpack and jump upgrades.

Kwalee used a similar monetization strategy in Off the Rails 3D, a game that involves keeping a train moving along a track toward a finish line without running out of fuel. In addition to incorporating rewarded video ads, the game displays Pangle s interstitial video ads between some rounds.

Beyond helping Kwalee implement ads, Pangle has guided Kwalee in setting strategic CPM targets, and provided seasonal monetization advice for making the most of time-sensitive monetization opportunities.

The difference good monetization strategies make

Pangle has maintained a stable fill rate and strong performance throughout its cooperation with Kwalee. The implemented monetization strategies proved highly effective. Jetpack Jump saw a 2x increase in both CPM and ARPDAU and led to Kwalee working with Pangle on Off the Rails 3D from day one.

Since the collaboration began, Kwalee s SOV in China and Japan has increased significantly.

"We ve been thoroughly impressed by the CPM results we ve obtained with Pangle s rewarded video ads and interstitial video ads. Pangle s SDK has also had consistently stable performance. We re looking forward to monetizing more hit titles with Pangle."

--Dilpesh Parmar, Head of Ad Monetization.