Pangle Doubled CPM and Total Ad Revenue for Yodo1


Yodo1 is a global game publisher from Beijing, committed to discovering

and promoting high quality games, both in China and globally. Since its

inception in 2011, Yodo1 has worked alongside more than 100 well known

developers worldwide, independently and co-dependently producing and

publishing hit mobile titles such as Ski Safari, Crossy Road, Rodeo

Stampede and Transformers: Earth Wars. Yodo1 s games have been played by

over 1 billion people globally.

As a long-term partner of Pangle, Yodo1 is looking forward to a larger

scope of business with Pangle to continuously monetize with more

efficiency in global markets.

Maximizing CPM and total ad revenue

Yodo1 has been helping Steppy Pants, a quirky walking simulator game

that already gained more than 15 million downloads globally, approach

Japan market. Pangle provided Yodo1 Japan market monetization solutions

on both iOS and Android devices.

Through Pangle s SDK, the game integrated rewarded video ads and full-screen video ads for the sake of a player-first user experience. Leveraging TikTok Ads wide advertiser coverage in Japan, Pangle s Intelligent monetization model, accurate targeting and a team of optimization specialists ensured a higher fill rate and eCPM for the game, doubling its CPM and total ad revenue through Pangle s monetization solution.

By achieving the two main goals for the game, Yodo1 is looking forward

to further monetizing through Pangle with more games in Japan and global