Kakao Games Unlocks Incredible Growth with Pangle’s Rewarded Video Ads

Kakao Games is emerging as a global multi-platform game company encompassing all aspects of the gaming product lifecycle, from development through to global publishing.

Founded in 2016, a global leader in multi-platform gaming, Kakao Games is an affiliate of Kakao specializing in games. In Korea and abroad, Kakao Games provides games across a wide range of genres and platforms, including PC, mobile, and VR. Kakao Games will continue to secure a diverse range of IP and content as both a game publisher and developer. By refining its internal development capabilities and through partnerships with leading game companies in Korea and around the world, Kakao Games will lead the way in the global game industry.

Now Friends Pop, an original casual tile-matching game that uses KaKao Friends signature beloved characters, has achieved true monetization success with Pangle s help and direction.

Unlocking Growth with Rewarded Video Ads

Even a large company with a sizable consumer base is bound to encounter significant challenges when implementing monetization. Kakao Games had a lot of casual games compared to other companies, and it needed to learn a lot about ad monetization before grabbing the opportunity to realize latent growth potential. For help, Kakao Games reached out to Pangle, with a particular focus on strategic support in operational areas where it lacked experience.

To increase advertising revenue by at least 10%, Kakao Games chose Pangle s Rewarded video ads to monetize Friends Pop, as the format s features and strengths make it the most likely to generate a high rate of revenue in mobile apps.

For Friends Pop, Kakao Games inserted ads at strategic locations within the app interface and implemented a waterfall pricing structure based on the Pangle team s recommendation. Whenever players tapped to watch a video ad, they were given the chance to earn in-game items or in-game currency. These items are designed to help players progress in the game, particularly when trying to clear difficult sections.

One especially effective ad placement was within the game s lucky spin feature - watching an ad gives players the exciting opportunity to take a lucky spin 2-3 times a day. The fun design of the lucky spin feature gave players an entertaining experience, keeping them interested and engaged. Another reward opportunity was placed in players in-game email inboxes that gives them the chance to win a double reward. This was a good choice because the inbox is one of the most frequented locations in the Friends Pop game interface. The doubled reward provided a stronger incentive, while placing it in a naturally visible location led to a high level of interaction from players.

Overall, these placements helped:

• Increase Kakao Games ad revenue

• Increase the amount of time players spent in-game (using items they won)

• Increase in-game coin spending, as well as in-game purchases with real money.

Satisfying With the Outstanding Results

Like the heroes in our favorite games, apps need a reliable monetization partner to gain the most successful outcomes. With Pangle, Kakao Games unlocked incredible results surpassing all expectations:

  1. ARPDAU skyrocketed by 38%
  1. D+1 retention rose by 20%
  1. Revenue shot up 37%, with Pangle representing 10% of Kakao Games total monetization gains.

Friends Pop s superb monetization success demonstrates the incredible latent advertising potential that other games share as well. Next, Kakao Games plans to incorporate Interstitial ads into Friends Pop, as well as to collaborate with Pangle to monetize more of its products and realize its vision: "Uniting the world through games". Games are the ideal platform for bringing people together, and Pangle is proud to be the partner Kakao Games trusts to make this dream a reality!

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