Optimizing Your Ad Business: How Jorudan Increased eCPM by 10% with Pangle

Jorudan: Using technology to plan dream getaways

For anyone going on vacation, finding the cheapest, most convenient, and quickest route to get to their destination is always the most challenging part of planning that dream trip. This is especially true in Japan, which has notoriously complex train and subway systems, making the sheer number of travel options seemingly endless.

Founded in December 1979, Jorudan Co., Ltd. has focused on helping travelers effectively reach their destinations. Today, their route-finding service "Japan Transit Planner" has 3.51 million Monthly Active Users (MAU) and provides users with helpful information about all of Japan s various means of transit through their app.

Jorudan quickly recognized the opportunity to increase profits by implementing ads in their platform and app. Today, their ad business contributes 10% of the company s profit and continues to grow.

Privacy and cost performance: New challenges for the ad industry

While Jorudan experienced quick success with their ad program, the digital ad space is a fast-changing and competitive new industry that is constantly evolving. Staying on top of the latest trends is not as easy as one might think.

With the recent increased attention on protecting the user privacy in digital spaces, the traditional method of using Identifier For Advertising (IDFA) for ad optimization is becoming unreliable.

Jorudan saw the changes in the ad business industry coming, and realized they needed to find efficient ways to navigate this new landscape. Ideally they d find a partner that supports various ad formats and, more importantly, enable the use of the best cost-performing methods allowing them to expand further while being safeguarded on what s to come.

Pangle: Helping you through the new world of advertising

By utilizing the latest in ad technology, Pangle is able to provide companies the ability to navigate new challenges that impact the industry. Pangle can help ensure that the ads with the highest eCPM (Cost Per Thousand) are brought to the user s attention, maximizing fill rates.

With Pangle s diverse offering of ad integrations and dimensions, Jorudan was able to seamlessly integrate a variety of ad types across their app, and found that the 320x50 banner ads were by far the most effective for them. After using Pangle to perform two rounds of ad optimization, they were able to boost the eCPM by 10% while still maintaining a high fill rate. As a result, user traffic was more effectively monetized, Jorudan s ad revenue grew.

Seeing the success that Pangle has delivered, Jorudan has already made the decision to continue utilizing the data gathered and explore more ad formats in the future with the confidence that they ll be able to adapt to the advertising landscape.

"The fill rate was so good," says Jorudan, "and we were so impressed with how effective Pangle s ad performance was. Now we re looking forward to taking what we learned and continuing to improve upon it."

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