Pangle and ironSource Partnership Expands Access for Android Devs

Pangle is expanding its mediation partnership with ironSource by introducing access for Android developers!

Last year, ironSource officially partnered with Pangle to become a mediation partner and offer iOS developers access to the Pangle SDK. We are very pleased to announce that this partnership has just gotten better. Besides iOS developers, we are now happy to introduce access for Android developers to integrate with the Pangle SDK using the ironSource mediation platform.

Pangle has always been committed to innovative advertising formats and efficient monetization technology to give every developer the ability to increase their revenue potential. We have continually provided our flagship products, rewarded video ads and interstitial video ads, which perform very well and has already provided many iOS developers with high eCPM and revenue. Our rewarded video ads allow users to watch an ad in exchange for in-app rewards, while interstitial video ads are strategically placed to display during natural transitions, which maintains a non-intrusive experience to users.

“Advancing our partnership with Pangle to offer Android apps access to their network is another exciting step for us," said Nimrod Zuta, VP Product at ironSource Developer Solutions. “They are an important demand provider in APAC and this partnership provides a one stop solution for global developers who are looking for high quality demand for their apps."

But bringing access to these ad formats for Android developers is not the only thing to be excited about. Pangle has gone beyond with the introduction of native ads to our platform. This popular ad format is valued for its ability to deliver a native ad experience that matches any app interface, which further increases the arsenal available to developers in order to discover additional monetization potential.

Check out what some of our SDK partners have to say:

"We are so pleased to see how well Pangle s rewarded video ads have performed on our premium ad placements. The eCPM results have been incredible, and the Pangle team has helped handle the whole process with exemplary professionalism." -- Martin Gugel, Monetization Manager, Kolibri Games.

"We ve been thoroughly impressed by the eCPM results we ve obtained with Pangle s rewarded video ads and interstitial video ads. Pangle s SDK has also had consistently stable performance. We re looking forward to monetizing more hit titles with Pangle."--Dilpesh Parmar, Head of Ad Monetization, Kwalee Ltd.

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Note: As of June 2020, Pangle s in-app ad service is available in the regions of Japan, China and other regions. To learn more, please contact your dedicated account manager or send us an email.