3 Tips to Boost Your App s Revenue During the Holiday Season

🎄 Happy holidays, developers! 🎄

Thanksgiving. Christmas and New Year - holiday season begins. Developers can expect increased eCPM and monetize their apps more effectively with in-app advertising. To prepare to capitalize on the holidays, developers need to optimize key areas of their products including user experience, ad placement setup, and more. Here are three aspects worth considering.

User acquisition and operation

Strong user acquisition and operation are essential to generating opportunities for monetization, either by reactivating past users or by gaining new users. Developing in-app holiday activities like holiday login rewards or a lucky draw can make a great way to attract returning users, while running ad campaigns with Pangle s vast network and granular data analytics will help you boost new user acquisition. You can also take great advantage of playable ads to strengthen impressions and gain high LTV users by offering an immersive taste of gameplay pre-download.

Tailor your app for the holidays

While app functions can grab your users attention, content is the key to making them stay. Tailored seasonal content, together with a good interface design, is a great way help increase your user retention rate. For instance, e-commerce apps can create must-have holiday shopping lists or best holiday gift kits, while camera apps can develop appealing holiday filters or stickers. You can also update your UI design with festive elements such as snowflakes, fireworks, and gift boxes. Together, tailored holiday content and engaging design elements can help enhance your app s user experience, user retention, and word-of-mouth potential.

Monetize effectively

When acquiring and operating users, the right approach to monetizing appproperties can accelerate your revenue growth during the holiday season. As mentioned above, adding tailored holiday content and functions can help enhance user retention. This in turn creates more ad placements that are organic to your app, maximizing the chances that ads will be shown and seen inside it. While many developers might be concerned about the impact that ad placement will have on user experience, rewarded video ads offer a perfect solution to this dilemma. Since this ad format offers a better experience alongside increased revenue, you can afford to relax restrictions on ad frequency, blacklisting, and other concerns to maximize your CPM during this promising time of year.

To boost your ad revenue, take a look at Pangle s detailed playbooks for more information and showcases about rewarded video ads, native ads, interstitial video ads and hybrid monetization model.