Pangle Playable Ads: Your New Asset for Revenue Growth

What Are Pangle Playable Ads?

Pangle Playable Ads are an immersive and exciting ad format where users can interact and "play" your ad for 10-30 seconds. It s a great way for your target customers to try out your game without needing to download anything!

Playable Ads have been proven to increase conversion and monetization rates, while most importantly being fun! Like everything in life, we like to try new games out before we commit. Playable ads are your way to let users try your game, and as they are instantly ready-to-go with no barriers or annoying steps to complete, users are more likely to engage with your ad and positively react to it.

  1. Video
    1. Playable Ads usually begin with a short demo video that briefly explains the game, using intuitive gesture signs to urge the user to interact. The goal here is to grab users’ attention and hold it.

  1. Interaction
    1. Users will get a full screen playing experience where they get to try out the game, all without any downloads or installations. For the remaining duration of the ad, there s nothing standing between them and the fun.

  1. Download
    1. Once time is up, a "Download" link will appear that takes users to the app store download page. This direct and simple conversion path helps guarantee a stronger eCPM rate.

Why should I try Playable Ads?

For advertisers: Give your users an opportunity to try your game/app!

Playable Ads let users "try before they buy" without committing to a download or redirection, instead giving them an enjoyable, hassle free opportunity to truly try the game/app. This also means that the users who do download the game/app already know what to expect (helping generate a more solid user base).

For advertisers: Get more of the right customers for your game

As Pangle sends higher-quality traffic to your ads, click-through rates and conversions are also much higher. We understand that poor quality traffic and conversions can be an issue for advertisers, and Playable Ads filter the right users towards your game. We gather long term feedback to deliver the best possible customer lifetime value and increase the duration of the ad plan s lifecycle.

For publishers: Generate higher and more consistent revenue

As well as offering stronger eCPM performance, higher-quality ads also strike the right balance between monetization potential and fun. Happy and engaged users always lead to the best long-term monetization outcomes, and Pangle s support ensures consistent revenue gains throughout the ad’s lifetime.

What makes Pangle Playable Ads unique?

More ways to play! The only design constraint is your imagination

Pangle Playable Ads aren t only a platform to illustrate your core gaming components. Entice users to your app with an engaging storyline. Perhaps users need to make their own choices? The only limit is your imagination.

Pangle has a wide range of Playable Ad templates, so that even advertisers who are new to Playable Ads can truly leverage the potential of the platform. No matter your idea or goal, there s a template that will help make it a reality.

Maximum Productivity. Make better ads, faster and with ease

Pangle templates make creating ads a breeze. Not only is it so easy and simple, the time and money saved can be channelled towards other projects. In advertising, time is literally money!

Pangle playable ad template tools

  1. Interactive templates are the perfect solution for new advertisers, with a vast range of templates to cover different app types and game genres. You don t need to be a professional designer or developer to create the perfect ad. Simply change, adjust and add the modules and components you want, add your own branded images, and you re all set! With interactive templates, go from drafting an ad to reaching users’ eyes within half a day!
  1. If you already have great playable ad materials on another platform, Pangle has a suite of simple and easy-to-use adaptation tools to convert these materials to formats and dimensions supported by Pangle. Why spend time and energy on re-creating the same ads when Pangle makes the conversion process so easy?

Our top suggestions

Below are a few tips to note before your playable ads go live.

Suggestions for playable content:

  1. If your playable ads display after a video ad, try to keep the content between the two ads relevant. We want to keep the message simple and clear!
  1. The recommended video duration is 10-25 seconds, with a maximum length of 30 seconds. Short and sharp always wins!
  1. Experiment with creatives for both portrait and landscape screen orientations. See what works best for your game.
  1. Try to add appropriate background music and special effects to make it more immersive. The stronger the impression the game leaves on the user, the better the impact.

How to get the most value out of playable ads:

Start on a high note

Before the playable ad starts, ensure there are simple and clear instructions (e.g. text, arrows, etc.), then do a quick check yourself to confirm that the game scenario is as straightforward as possible. You don t want to bore or confuse potential players with gameplay that doesn’t make sense.

Keep it simple and easy to understand

During the playable ad, you can provide arrows or text elements to guide user interactions, as well as an appropriately placed tappable button for conversions. Remember, conversion is the name of our game!

Finish strong

After the playable ad has ended, present the user with a download button, as well as more information such as the game icon, game name, game download rankings, game stats, etc. Users might be curious to learn more. Don t leave them hanging!

Ready to create your own Pangle Playable Ad?

Visit our Support Center to learn how to create your first playable ad on Pangle:

About Pangle

Pangle is the mobile advertising platform under TikTok For Business. Powered by intelligent advertising technology, Pangle empowers advertisers to reach extended audiences and scale their user base and business through a vast, premium network of mobile apps and games.

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