Pangle s Privacy-centric Preparation for the Upcoming iOS14.5 Changes

Pangle is where apps grow, scale and thrive. Our mission is to help developers across the industry to prosper while focusing on product safety as the foundation of our success. Below is an overview of how we support our advertisers and partners through Apple AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) framework.

Privacy-centric approach and eye for the long term benefits

Safety and security of our products and services is Pangle s top priority. We are committed to providing a safe and protected platform for our customers now and going forward. We believe that product development should always adhere to user data privacy and security standards so that our customers could be provided with the safest and most effective services. By adhering to this principle, we will bring long-term benefits to our customers, partners and users.

Therefore, in both demand-side and supply-side, we have adopted SKAdNetwork, a privacy-preserving approach to receive the attribution of iOS advertising campaigns.

On Supply-side: Preparing the privacy-oriented SKAdNetwork (SKAN)

According to Apple s rules, developers need to configure SKAdNetwork IDs for their ad networks. This allows Apple to identify and verify conversion data before they can obtain monetization revenues from the network. Therefore, Pangle has carried out the following measures:

  1. Rolled out SDK versions that support SKAdNetwork starting from version Developers will need to upgrade their iOS SDK to this version and configure Pangle’s SKAdNetwork IDs (238da6jt44.skadnetwork and 22mmun2rn5.skadnetwork) to allow Apple identification and postback conversion. This is essential if developers want to continue to monetize with iOS traffic normally. Pangle will constantly guide our developers and publishers throughout the iOS SDK updates and provide timely technical support in the process.
  1. Proactively helped advertisers to adopt the SKAN measurement standards in order to keep driving the iOS14 demand to our publishers.

Learn more in the support center.

On Demand-side: Measuring ad performance on iOS 14

Advertisers can directly place their ads on Pangle via the TikTok For Business Ads Manager platform. As a placement type on TikTok For Business, Pangle is fully consistent with the high standards of TikTok For Business.

We are working with all of our Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs) who have either released or will release an updated version of their SDK that supports SKAdNetwork API. Additionally, we will support SKAdNetwork reporting for dedicated iOS 14 campaigns in both the TikTok For Business Business Manager and Events Manager platforms.

Starting from March 2021, the Pangle s demand-side platform has started adopting SKAdNetwork API for campaign-level measurement. App advertisers should prepare to create dedicated iOS 14 campaigns when using the app install objective or catalog sales objectives. 

Learn more in the blog post.

Moving forward

There is still a lot of room for improvement for attribution methods using SKAN API. We will continue to fine tune our products before and after the launch of ATT, and summarize the best practices for our developers and advertisers in order to improve ad monetization and advertising effectiveness in the future. We will keep you posted to help navigate the changes so that your apps will continue to grow, scale, and thrive.