How Pangle is Protecting the Integrity of Our Platform

Authenticity is one of Pangle’s core values. That’s why we are working to eliminate loopholes and monitor anomalies throughout our ecosystem.

As life shifts to digital, there’s no denying that distinguishing what’s real from all the rest is only going to get harder. In digital advertising, detecting and eliminating fraudulent traffic is a real challenge, whether that means providing a high quality ad experience for users or ensuring the quality of traffic streams for advertisers. Since this is bound to be a battle for the long haul, Pangle is committing specialized tools and resources to ensure we stay ahead of the curve and ready to deflect the next new threat to our authenticity – wherever it might come from.

With our TikTok For Business technical architecture and data resources, together with our quality experts, data scientists, and engineers, Pangle is deploying a combination of machine learning and human talent to spot loopholes in our system, using 60+ indicators to identify signs of device tampering, bot traffic, auto-install hijacking, click farms, and more. Learn how below!

Early detection + real-time filtering + traffic monitoring + continuous optimization: Assuring authenticity at Pangle

Our team focuses on hunting down anomalies in our system based on signs that show up in four key areas, starting before problems occurs and following through to make sure they stay gone using data analysis and system optimizations.

Before ads go live, Pangle uses early detection methods to verify traffic streams are authentic based on indicators that show when traffic has been simulated or tampered with.

After ads enter the traffic stream, Pangle uses 30+ real-time filters to monitor impressions, clicks, and conversions throughout the audience network, picking up on anomalies as they arise. Specifically, these filters detect unusual patterns like conversions with brief installation times or exceedingly high click volumes inside of a brief time frame.

Once Pangle detects an ad that violates our policies, the apps behind it are flagged on the spot. With our traffic monitoring capabilities, we keep track of the reasons such apps are getting flagged, eventually banning parties who show a clear pattern of misusing our ecosystem.

Finally, to ensure a rising baseline for authenticity that is harder and harder for policy violations to slip past, Pangle is collaborating with MMPs like AppsFlyer to gather more data on what ads get rejected and what we can learn about them. Deep database analysis is helping us continuously optimize our traffic quality metrics and adjust our filters to reduce any skewed data interactions. We also keep track of the latest trends in black hat monetization, running drills and simulations to ensure we are prepared for the next challenge.

Clear policies: Pangle’s foundation in integrity

Pangle s core policies for our platform are based on three principles: working with real companies and real accounts, zero-tolerance toward intentional abuse, and strict publisher onboarding standards. Only publishers who provide valid business licenses and company registration details can monetize with Pangle, and we have implemented a strict publisher review mechanism, cooperating exclusively with apps that are verified on the App Store or Google Play. For full details, please refer to Pangle’s terms of use for partners here.

Pangle’s anti-fraud team continues to research the latest threats and countermeasures to fraudulent behavior, ensuring our platform is authentic and reliable for every user and advertiser, every time. Learn more about our ad policies and guidelines here.