Doping Hafıza: Showcasing products to the right audience and boosting sales with VSA Retargeting

The objective

From prospecting to retargeting

Founded in 2011, Doping Hafıza is Turkey's largest digital learning platform, revolutionizing education through video-based learning environments and machine learning to provide personalized study programs, coaching services, and lectures.

With the Turkish college entrance exam registration fast approaching, Doping Hafıza knew it needed to shift its advertising strategy from prospecting to retargeting. Specifically, the brand wanted to boost online course sales while simultaneously improving cost per acquisition (CPA) and return on ad spend (ROAS) using Pangle.

The solution

Launching Video Shopping Ads to retarget users

To effectively engage Turkish parents and boost the sales of its paid courses, Doping Hafıza looked to Pangle as its key advertising and retargeting channel. Pangle's vast network covers a diverse range of apps and web traffic including e-commerce, apps, and gaming, as well as a number of education-related apps, which aligned with Doping Hafıza's target audience.

The next step was selecting the right ad product. Recognizing that Video Shopping Ads (VSA) Retargeting was available under beta testing, Doping Hafıza chose the Catalog version of this solution based on a number of considerations.

First, VSA (for Catalog) offers unique capabilities for issuing product recommendations, displaying specific paid courses from the advertiser's catalog that match users' interests and behavior.

Second, VSA takes users directly to a product landing page or custom landing page and checkout. While this strategy is widely popular with e-commerce brands, VSA is also suitable for other apps and services because of its focus on direct purchases, allowing advertisers like Doping Hafıza to build a streamlined conversion path and improve its conversion metrics.

Third, VSA reduces maintenance costs. After uploading a product catalog and launching a campaign, the ad product continues to show the right products to the right users without the need to manually create separate campaigns, ad groups, and ads for different audiences.

The results

Surpassing CPA and ROAS targets

With its innovative use of Video Shopping Ads (for Catalog), Doping Hafıza not only achieved its CPA goals but also surpassed its ROAS expectations by an impressive 34%.

The inclusion of education-related publishers was a pivotal factor for Doping Hafıza. Matching with publishers specializing in education enhanced the visibility and relevance of the video creatives and helped to acquire a more responsive audience.

The successful pilot of the VSA product also helped to better display the brand's products to re-engage customers and maximize ROAS performance. As a result, Doping Hafıza will look to center future campaigns on this product, with Pangle serving as one of its key advertising placements alongside TikTok.

*Video Shopping Ads (VSA) Pangle placement is under beta testing and is available to allowlisted advertisers.