OLX: Achieving 51% more efficient traffic with Pangle's App Open Ads during Black Friday

The objective

Capitalizing on Black Friday to boost brand awareness

OLX is a leading e-commerce platform in Brazil enabling customers to list their pre-loved items. Generating an average of 2.4 million sales per month (around 55 per minute), the popular e-commerce site delivers around 350,000 ads each day. Seeking opportunities to better maximize the visibility of its ads, OLX believed that advertising on TikTok, utilizing Pangle's new App Open Ads (AOA) format, could be the right solution.

For advertisers, this new format offers high-impact, full-screen ad spaces across top publishers. By partnering with Pangle, OLX sought to leverage these features to enhance the efficiency of its advertising traffic and, as a result, improve audience reach and visibility.

With Brazil's Black Friday sale approaching, OLX also decided to capitalize on this special period by running campaigns with the goal of maximizing peak traffic to grow awareness and driving new users to the platform.

The solution

Cooperating with celebrities and creators to deliver ads and attract users

Leveraging a mixture of full-screen image and video ads, App Open Ads were set up to deliver more traffic at a lower cost per click (CPC) during Brazil's peak shopping event.

Ad creatives were produced using creators sourced from the TikTok Creator Marketplace, with an emphasis on promoting tech and electronic products available for sale on the site.

With a campaign centered around the slogan "Economizadores Exigentes" ("demanding savers"), OLX sought to strengthen people's perception of OLX as a destination for purchasing pre-loved items at a good price.

Additionally, to ensure the ads reached the target audience of new customers in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, OLX excluded targeting users who were already aware of the site as well as those aged under 18.

The results

Reducing CPC and CPM by over 50% with App Open Ads

OLX's App Open Ads campaign successfully achieved the brand's objectives during Black Friday, delivering conversions at approximately 50% lower cost than other alternatives. Using App Open Ads, OLX recorded a 51% lower CPC and 53% lower cost per mille (CPM) compared to other ad campaigns during this period.

Going forward, OLX plans to include App Open Ads as part of its always-on campaign strategy, addressing all stages of the sales funnel. This strategy will heavily utilize Pangle's App Open Ads to further optimize campaign results.

"It is part of our DNA to carry out tests, and we were very happy to be able to use the App Open Ads in our brand campaign. Every week we look for new ways to optimise and with this format, we obtain very impressive results in the reduction of CPC and CPM."

Mateus Almeida

Marketing Performance Analyst, OLX