A look back at Pangle s non-gaming app monetization webinar

Make an impact with Pangle

Pangle recently launched Impax, an event series that shows app publishers how to boost profit by honing their monetization skills. The series stems from the idea that every publisher is a future leader, destined to make an impact. With this approach, we hope that each Impax session leaves you feeling informed and inspired.

On April 23 we held our first Impax webinar, entitled "Rock Your Non-gaming App Monetization" and geared toward Japanese publishers of non-gaming apps. Pangle business development manager Yasumasa Sugita led the event, highlighting key monetization skills and success stories.

Webinar highlights

Sugita s presentation covered tips and ideas for ad placement design and optimization, and introduced Pangle s newly launched native ads and relevant placement setup skills. Here s a summary of the main takeaways:

1. Monetization potential is surging for non-gaming apps in Japan.

Simply put, non-gaming apps can make all the difference in your day. There are many types of non-gaming apps designed to fulfill all kinds of everyday needs.

For publishers seeking to enter the Japanese market, non-gaming apps such as tools, multimedia apps, and e-commerce apps represent a valuable opportunity for growth. According to data from App Annie, mobile users are spending more and more time on non-gaming apps. It follows that there s plenty of potential to tap into.

2. Combat pain points in non-gaming app monetization with some strategizing.

Pain point 1: the challenge of balancing ads and experience. Key strategies include providing a different ad experience for new users, running A/B user experience testing, and implementing rewarded video ads.

Pain point 2: lack of engaging ad placements. To avoid this pitfall, explore non-traditional ad formats, rotate ad placements, and encourage interaction.

Pain point 3: short user session duration. You can extend user session duration by rewarding time spent in the app and enriching content or functions. In contexts where users are bound to spend less time, place ads in front layers to ensure visibility.

For more tips and solutions, check out our previous article on this topic: How to Tackle Common Challenges in App Monetization.

3. Maximize performance with tips for different ad placement setups.

Native ads

For native ads, it s crucial to ensure seamless blending between ads and the feeds in which they appear. In particular, ensuring that ads are surrounded by feed content will increase ad CTR.

When native ads appear in the same positions over and over, users may get used to them and simply ignore them. By rotating the positions in which the ads appear, you can better maintain user attention, enabling higher CTR.

Download Pangle s Native Ads Playbook to learn more.

Rewarded video ads

In rewarded video ads, non-gaming apps can follow the lead of gaming apps, using incentives such as double/triple rewards, login rewards, functionality unlocking, and lucky draws. As non-gaming apps cover a diverse range of categories and functions, they also invite innovative forms of rewarded video ads. For example, you could allow users to watch rewarded video ads even when they re offline, or you could reward ad watching with a free trial of a premium function. These approaches can help you ensure both user experience and profitability.

Download Pangle s Rewarded Video Ads Playbook to learn more.

Interstitial video ads

Interstitial video ads are widely used in almost all types of apps. Publishers who have already implemented popup interstitial ads can generate more value with a simple upgrade: Just switching to interstitial video ads can multiply eCPM by a factor of nearly 15 according to Pangle s data.

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