Pangle Takes TripleDot Studios to No. 1 in Japan for Casual Games With Higher ROAS

The Objective

Expand global awareness while optimizing ROAS

As a fast-growing game studio led by a team of industry veterans, Tripledot Studios onboarded Pangle in 2022 as part of its global user acquisition strategy.

With its mission to design chart-topping mobile games, Tripledot Studios combines data, creativity, and indie-style processes to create easy-to-pick-up games such as Woodoku, Triple Tile and Solitaire.

By partnering with Pangle, Tripledot Studios sought a staged solution to improve user retention and achieve its optimization goal of increasing return-on-ad-spend (ROAS), while also expanding its global user base.

The Solution

Optimize ROAS using VBO and target users in APAC

To monetize and acquire new users, it was important for Tripledot Studios to target profitable markets with high user engagement. While Tripledot Studios initially prioritized Western markets, Pangle identified strategic growth opportunities in the APAC market. Due to the widespread popularity of puzzle games in Japan and South Korea, these markets presented an excellent match for Tripledot Studios' casual game style and objective of lowering ROAS.

To reduce the risk of language and cultural barriers, Pangle provided creative translation tools via the TikTok Ads Manager, along with localization guidance for Japan and South Korea. This included insights on local trends and best practices in designing ad creatives for puzzle games.

In response to Tripledot Studios' concerns about user retention and ROAS, Pangle recommended a suite of ad tools optimized for casual games, including VBO (Value-Based Optimization). For casual games, acquiring high-value users is essential to boost profitability, and VBO is specifically designed to help advertisers locate users who have a higher value.

By utilizing VBO and customizing it to fit their user targeting and revenue goals, Tripledot Studios increased their investment in ad spend by 1000%(2022.06.01~2022.08.31).

The Results

TripleDot tops charts in Japan while cutting CPA by 90%!

Based on Pangle's suggested growth strategy, Tripledot Studios were able to reduce its cost-per-action (CPA) after increasing its ad spend. This resulted in improved profitability, including a 10% increase in ROAS.

In Japan, Tripledot Studios' Woodoku game (wood block puzzles) topped the Android charts as the number 1 game app in 2022. Pangle also became TripleDot's number-one ad network for Japan.

Building on its success in Asia, Tripledot Studios has expanded its audience reach by taking advantage of Pangle's worldwide network of 36 regional markets, which all delivered impressive results in regard to ROAS and app downloads.

According to Marketing Manager Massimo Baroni of Tripledot Studios, "Pangle has been instrumental in further opening up new markets for our suite of gaming apps. Using Pangle, we successfully penetrated the Japan and South Korea markets, while achieving impressive results and high ROI for our gaming apps."

These outcomes have solidified the relationship between the two companies, making Pangle Tripledot Studios' number-one advertising network in Japan and a key partner in other markets around the world.

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