Convert Abandoned Carts into Revenue with the Power of VSA Retargeting

The sad but common reality is that most purchases are rarely "love" at first sight.

Amid a sea of options, consumers are becoming more selective than ever before, sifting through a vast array of products until they find the perfect fit. But even then, various distractions can pop up and impede the transition from browsing to purchasing.

Introducing Video Shopping Ads - Web Retargeting

In an era when online shopping cart abandonment rates are alarmingly high, Pangle is excited to unveil a game-changing solution: VSA Web Retargeting. Building on the popularity of Video Shopping Ads, this new offering is designed to transform the way advertisers reconnect with visitors to their sites.

VSA Web Retargeting harnesses the power of Pangle's extensive advertising network to deliver tailored product recommendations across the web, turning lost sales into purchases. This innovative ad format allows brands to seamlessly reintegrate into potential customers' daily lifestyle—whether they're catching up on the latest news, playing their favorite mobile game, or watching a short video on their phone.

How VSA Web Retargeting works

VSA Web Retargeting operates on a simple yet powerful premise: reconnecting with your audience at the right moment to turn browsing into buying. Below is a quick breakdown of how retargeting works.

  1. User engagement: A user visits your app or website and demonstrates interest by browsing a product or adding it to their cart. However, for one reason or another, they leave the site without buying.
  2. Ad creation: Using Pangle's catalog solution, dynamic and personalized ads are generated. These ads are tailored to showcase the specific products the user showed interest in.
  3. Ad distribution across Pangle's network: Personalized retargeting ads are distributed across Pangle's vast ad network, spanning a range of apps and websites where your potential customers spend their time.
  4. User re-engagement: As users come across these retargeting ads, the compelling and personalized format drives them to click, guiding them straight back to your app or website.
  5. Conversion: Once back on your site, the streamlined path to checkout drives users to purchase.

Choose from 3 unique ad creatives

At the heart of VSA Web Retargeting are personalized and engaging creatives. These creatives not only grab attention but also resonate on a personal level with viewers, significantly increasing the likelihood of re-engagement and conversion.

VSA Web Retargeting offers three unique ad formats to suit your advertising needs and objectives.

  1. Single Video: Unique video creatives uploaded by you as the advertiser. Category or product focused videos are an ideal choice.
  2. Catalog Video: This format uses a template with placeholders to automatically populate products directly from your catalog.
  3. Text-Only: Text-only format addresses the specific needs of certain industries and drastically reduces production costs.

Boosting online course sales with retargeting: A case study on Doping Hafıza

With the college entrance exam season approaching, Turkey's premier digital learning platform, Doping Hafıza, faced a crucial challenge. The question was how to boost online course sales while improving both cost per acquisition (CPA) and return on ad spend (ROAS). The solution? A strategic pivot towards retargeting to reengage their target audience of Turkish parents invested in their childrens' education.

Recognizing the unique opportunity presented by Pangle's VSA Retargeting, Doping Hafıza selected the Catalog Video ad format, attracted by its ability to recommend specific paid courses tailored to users' interests. This decision was driven by two key factors.

  • This format directly links users to product landing pages, streamlining the path to purchase.
  • This format significantly reduced maintenance costs by automatically showcasing the right products to the right audience without the need for constant manual adjustments.

The strategy paid off handsomely. Not only did Doping Hafıza meet its CPA objectives, but it also exceeded ROAS expectations by 34%.

The success was partly attributed to the strategic alignment with education-related publishers within Pangle's network, enhancing the ads' visibility and relevance. This approach ensured that the video creatives were seen by a highly responsive audience, maximizing engagement and conversion rates.

Take your advertising to the next level with VSA Retargeting

Interested in upgrading your advertising strategy and achieving similar results as Doping Hafiza? Discover how VSA Retargeting can skyrocket sales and exceed your targets.

Visit our product page to explore the possibilities or reach out to us directly to learn more about how our tailored solutions can cater to your needs.