Taking High Quality Items at Great Prices Worldwide with Pangle

As an online shopping platform that offers baby clothes, accessories, and toys, Hibobi truly understands the value of healthy growth. They are a company committed to comfort, design, and health in all their products, from their dinosaur print baby jumpsuit, to their diverse line of maternity clothing. Helping parents raise their children in a safe, healthy way is part of their mission, just like helping companies grow their ROI in a safe, healthy way is a part of Pangle's.

The Goal: Healthy ROI Growth

The global maternal and baby product market is still developing, making now the perfect time for Hibobi to expand their business worldwide. They do so with one core objective: Identify potential consumers and drive new user acquisition, mainly focusing on new users' retention and conversion probability. This is where Pangle steps in, as marketing budgets are allocated based on ROI, and the same KPI evaluates campaign performance, so Hibobi can feel as safe and secure in their investment as their customers do in their products.

Hibobi's First Steps into New Markets

With Pangle's diverse product portfolio and extensive ad network at their disposal, Hibobi's introduction into new international markets was a smooth one. As the company took their first steps into the international market, they tried out a number of different product combinations to see what worked best for them. These are just some of Pangle's products that Hibobi was able to take advantage of:

  • App Install with In-App Event Optimization (iAEO), which increased purchase probability, thereby improving ROI.
  • Dynamic Showcase Ads (DSA) with iAEO which made good use of Hibobi's product catalog to generate creative, personalized ads, and ultimately improve sales conversion.
  • Value Optimization (VO) for App install or DSA. Offering three bidding strategies, Target CPA (t_CPA), Highest Value (HV), and Minimum ROAS (MR), Pangle VO is designed to optimize for "customer value" and is designed to find customers who are most likely to make higher-value purchases, and would therefore accomplish the ROAS goal.

Dynamic Showcase Ads + Value Optimization = A ROAS 150% Higher than Target

Utilizing Pangle's expertise, Hibobi found multiple effective solutions that achieved satisfactory ROAS results.

"We're impressed by the good campaign performance of Pangle," said Hibobi founder. "The iAEO ad campaign on the Pangle ad network was one of the highlights of recent collaborations. I'm excited to see the results that are beyond my expectation and willing to establish deeper partnership with the Pangle team."

So what kind of results led to such high praise for Pangle's products?

To start, the average ROAS for the DSA campaigns with In-App Event Optimization of Purchase reached ~96% higher than the target with stable delivery.

Meanwhile, VO proved to be very effective in finding high-value customers. Both bidding strategies of Highest Value and Minimum ROAS performed well in testing. With App Installs as the objective, the campaigns were able to yield an average ROAS of ~150% higher than the target, far exceeding Hibobi's expectation.