How to level up your ad campaign on Pangle

As mobile development continues to expand, mobile ad formats are becoming less intrusive, more native, and more immersive. Meanwhile, advertisers are finding new ways to invest, as traditional methods like bidding on clicks or exposure can t guarantee conversions. Having access to a wide range of ad formats and investment methods can help you take your ad campaign to the next level. Read on to learn how all of this and more is possible with Pangle.

How Pangle works with advertisers

Pangle is a leading video advertising platform that offers interactive and high-performing in-app advertising solutions. Powered byintelligent advertising technology, Pangle helps advertisers reach target audiences and delivers precise ads.

When you join Pangle, you re gaining access to Pangle s vast network of mobile apps covering 58 million monthly active users in Japan -- in other words, a huge variety of target user groups.

Every time you win a bid, your ad material is displayed in placements within Pangle s network. Pangle charges based on results, so you won t need to pay for ad display that doesn t yield conversions. And with its advanced advertising technology, Pangle helps you stretch every cent you invest as far as possible.

Pangle s tried-and-true system has helped hardcore games, casual games, tool apps, and entertainment apps get the results they want.

3 ways to help your campaign perform better on Pangle

Pangle provides comprehensive support, but boosting campaign performance also takes some strategic thinking on the advertiser s part. Here s what we recommend:

1. Use video ads with playable creatives

As vertical videos and short videos in particular have taken off around

the world, and are being adopted by more and more advertisers, video ad

formats are 10 times more competitive than image ad formats in bidding

according to our data. But the data also indicates a 3 times more in

competitiveness when advertisers go further to make their video ads

playable. Letting audiences experience the highlights of your promoted

game/app is proved to be a more efficient way to advertise now and in

the future.

2. Tailor your ad creatives

To make every investment count, you ll need to make sure your creatives are as attrative and relevant as possible. Choosing publisher types that suit your target audience profile and tailoring your ad creatives to each segment can help. This kind of targeted investment helps you increase your conversion rate and reach the kind of traffic that s most likely to be interested and yield value.

3. Use Pangle s blocklist tool

Brand safety is key for any advertiser. No matter how engaging and targeted your ad creatives are, they won t do you any good if they re displayed in spaces that are irrelevant or lead to negative associations with your brand. Fortunately, you can use Pangle s blocklist tool to keep your ads out of apps where you don t want them to appear.

With Pangle s support and just a few smart decisions, your ad campaign is sure to perform better than ever. To learn more about how Pangle can help you, contact