IAA VBO Upgrade: Boost Your ROI By 14.68%

As users spend more and more time on mobile devices, the potential for in-app advertising has skyrocketed.

However, maximizing the revenue potential of in-app advertising (IAA) requires navigating a complex landscape of user preferences, ad placements, and monetization strategies. In the end, mobile app publishers are tasked with the intricate balancing act of meeting their monetization targets while ensuring a positive user experience.

Addressing this challenge head-on, Pangle is thrilled to announce an upgrade of its IAA VBO (Value-Based Optimization) ad product for Android app publishers.

Using IAA VBO, publishers can prioritize targeting high-value users while still ensuring an optimal user experience.

How to target high-value users with IAA VBO

Pangle's upgraded IAA VBO represents a major leap forward in in-app advertising optimization.

While traditional optimization goals focus on clicks, app installs, or conversions, IAA VBO identifies and reaches individuals most likely to spend money within your app. You can think of IAA VBO as your dream customer list, unlocking access to the type of customer who pays for room service or flies first-class every time they travel.

In practice, IAA VBO predicts the ad value of each user and adjusts eCPM bids to obtain users with the highest ad value, thereby collecting higher ad revenue and connecting high-value users with the right ads for them.

How the new upgrade increases ROI and LTV

The new version of IAA VBO has been found to boost new user spending by 21% and increase advertising ROI by 14.68% based on A/B testing.

These results were achieved based on the following upgrades.

Enhanced advertising ROI: Leveraging advanced algorithms and real-time data analysis, IAA VBO enables more accurate customer identification to maximize advertising ROI.

Stricter ROAS control: IAA VBO achieves monetization goals by bolstering ad revenue and lifetime value (LTV) through stricter ROAS control.

Increased ad running efficiency: IAA VBO mitigates losses using optimized budget controls, while automated ad placement expands advertising opportunities for greater reach and impact.

Note that the model requires at least 7 to 10 days to learn; campaigns shorter than 7 days may not perform to their full potential.

IAA VBO bidding strategies

1) MinROAS

MinROAS strives to identify high-value ad users to meet your set D7 ROAS bid. In instances where the ROAS falls below the target, MinROAS campaigns may not fully spend the daily budget.

Ideal for publishers with clear ROAS requirements.

2) Highest Value

Highest Value prioritizes spending the entire daily budget first, aiming to achieve the highest possible ROAS.

Ideal for publishers who want more volume and who have more tolerance for ROAS fluctuations.

Empowering publishers worldwide

Whether you're a gaming app developer looking to maximize ad revenue or a utility app publisher seeking to enhance user engagement, IAA VBO offers a powerful solution to boost revenue and drive sustainable growth.

Get started today with the future of mobile app monetization using IAA VBO!