Introducing Pangle's New and Improved Publisher Platform

The entire user experience has been overhauled to make management, monetization, and optimization decisions easier and more efficient

  • New streamlined signup process
  • Faster and easier transition from testing to creating live apps and ad placements
  • Enhanced brand safety control
  • Improved data reporting system with more data dimensions

From signing up to testing in minutes with our newly streamlined signup process!

Getting started is quite simple. Publishers can now sign up and play around with the platform to get familiar with it before needing to provide full company/accounting info. This helps new developers learn more about Pangle and how exactly the Publishing Platform can help them before getting started. What was once a tedious and time consuming experience is now carefree and easy.

Transition from testing to creating live apps and ad placements faster and easier than ever!

Publishers can now setup up to 80 test devices to ensure their ad requests look great on all kinds of devices. Previously, any publishers with origins that weren't currently in the Pangle available regions couldn't receive test results. We've updated this so that developers from around the world can make sure their monetization setup runs as intended.

Brand safety is in the palm of your hands with enhanced safety controls!

Publishers also now have more control over blocking unwanted ads from appearing on their apps. In the past, only 5 blocking categories were supported. They've now been expanded to 32 categories, allowing blocking in a more granular level. Setting up blocking those unwanted ads has also been revised to be much easier.

Try out our new and improved Publisher Platform today at - it's never been easier!

NEW ACCOUNTS: get started today!

EXISTING ACCOUNTS: you should see these improvements roll out to your account within the next few days.