Pangle joins Google AdMob as a Bidding Partner

Google AdMob's app publishers will have access to Pangle's exclusive TikTok for Business ad demand

Pangle, the ad network of TikTok for Business, joins Google AdMob as a bidding partner, allowing mobile app developers and publishers to boost their revenue with exclusive ad demand from TikTok for Business advertisers. Google AdMob is Pangle's newest mediation partner, joining current partners MAX, ironSource, DT FairBid, Appodeal, AdMost, Nimbus, TradPlus, and TopOn.

Following a successful beta, the product integration is available to all app publishers starting July 28th. Mobile publishers and developers that integrate Pangle with Google AdMob will be able to display ads in various non-intrusive formats, including banner ads, interstitial ads, and rewarded video ads that give app users a choice to watch advertising content in return for in-app incentives.

This year, Pangle expanded globally, offering its service to advertisers and publishers around the world.

"Pangle's partnership with Google AdMob gives mobile app publishers the ability to maximize revenue streams with access to a trusted ad network with exclusive ad demand from TikTok for business," said Leon Zhong, Head of Business Development at Pangle. "App developers using Google AdMob can benefit from Pangle's strong monetization performance in emerging markets around the world."

Select mobile publishers have been loading and displaying ads from Pangle through bidding during the SDK’s beta and have been impressed by the results during the testing period.

"Adaric experienced great performance results in AdMob mediation through Pangle bidding with an exceptionally high fill rate and eCPM. As well as ensuring a higher ARPU, the convenience of the bidding mode also saved us a lot of time with coding and configuration, and integrating the SDK was a seamless process," Celia Wang, Monetization Manager at Adaric Music says. "Adaric is delighted to be working with both Pangle and Google AdMob as a trusted partner."

App developers and publishers interested in integrating the Pangle SDK can do so by logging into their Google AdMob accounts and following the set-up instructions: Android, iOS and Unity.

Pangle's publisher platform was also recently updated to make ad decisions around management, monetization, and optimization even easier. The latest additions to the platform include a new streamlined sign-up process, faster transitions from creating to testing ads, enhanced brand safety controls, and an improved reporting system, all of which are available in all markets where Pangle operates.