How to boost your revenues during this year’s Shopping Season: roadmap and strategy for publishers

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and it's shaping up to be another year of mega revenue. With Pangle's top-tier e-commerce budgets predicted to increase by 100–200% in SEA, LATAM, and MENA in 2022, partnering with Pangle, the ad network of TikTok for business, enables app developers and publishers of all categories to maximize their revenue during the sales season by reaching engaged audiences in 36 markets.

Source: Data from Pangle 2021

But in order to make the most of the upcoming sales, it's important to start optimizing your monetization strategy now. And if you're wondering when this year's biggest sales dates are, we've put together everything that publishers need to know about this year's mega sales season in the planning strategy below.

The planning strategy includes a roadmap with all the key steps publishers need to follow to optimize their monetization strategies and the key dates for this year's mega sales season.

We've also broken down the main phases of this year's mega sales event with a step-by-step checklist covering ad campaigns from set up and placement to launch. Developers will also find useful information on Pangle's dedicated ad templates.

Mega sales season roadmap and this year's biggest dates

Before we dive in, the most important information for developers to bear in mind is the calendar for shopping seasons. For Southeast Asia, 11th November and 12th December are peak days for mega sales. For regions such as the Middle East and Latin America, the demand will spike during and in the run-up to major sales days such as Black Friday, which takes place on 25th November this year.

Last year was incredibly busy for Pangle's partners, Pangle's budget for LATAM increased by 300% during Black Friday 2021, so imagine how much of an increase we could get this year! Supporting this budget growth in 2021, we also saw the eCPM of rewarded video ads increase by 240% and the eCPM of banner ads increase by 200%.

So where should you be focusing your attention this year?

Busiest Black Friday 2021 categories for Pangle publishers

To help publishers maximize their revenue potential, we've shared the busiest categories by spending, spending growth, and monetization from last year's Black Friday sale.

Use Pangle's dedicated ad templates to maximize revenue with minimal effort

To supercharge your revenue for mega sales, we've designed dedicated ad templates for 11th November 2022 and this year's Black Friday sale that developers can use without having to update their SDK.

These dedicated ad templates can also be applied to ad formats, including rewarded video ads, interstitial ads, and banner ads.

Follow the Pangle checklist for mega revenue this mega sales season

To help developers make the most of the sales opportunities ahead of them this mega sales season, we’ve put together a step-by-step checklist to help you set up and launch your campaign while ensuring ads are placed correctly, and strategy is maintained.

Here's everything you need to do:

Step 1: Set up Ad Campaign

With the mega sales season just around the corner, it's important to start planning now. Implementing the Pangle SDK before the sales season will help you acquire users before peak periods, boosting revenue potential. Switching to Pangle bidding will also help you win more impressions.

Step 2: Set Ad Placement

You'll want to make sure that your traffic is turned on for all of Pangle's supported regions, as there are plenty of opportunities to increase user acquisition in LATAM, MENA, and SEA. Last year's Black Friday sale and other sales dates saw staggering growth, and we’re expecting the same again this year.

Step 3 and step4 : Start Campaign and maintain it after peak days

Once you've followed the steps above and made sure your traffic channels are all turned on for Pangle, it's time to start your campaign! Keep a close eye on your campaign; if anything goes wrong or you have any questions, remember to get in touch with the team.

Mega Revenue this Mega Sales Season with Pangle

By making these practices a part of your creative strategy for mega sales, developers can achieve great success this mega sales season with Pangle and long into the future.

If you have any questions about the set-up instructions and this year's mega sales season – or if you have any wider questions regarding your Pangle account – please contact your account manager or email

We're always more than happy to help.