Drive mega success with Pangle to boost traffic and conversions this shopping season: roadmap and checklist for advertisers

November and December are two of the busiest shopping periods in the calendar, with increased search volume providing advertisers with plenty of opportunities to get in front of shoppers. According to Pangle's 2021 data, the scale of ad placement during big sales days such as Black Friday is 400–800% more than standard days – so how can advertisers ensure their ad templates stand out amongst so much competition?

Source: Pangle data 2021

The key to success is creativity, and putting that into practice through exciting ad formats that engage and convert customers. But you also need to get your ads in front of the right audience, and reach new markets with a trusted ad network that can get you in front of millions of potential customers. Finally, those ads require stable delivery in order to maximize the revenue at a stable cost.

This is where Pangle can help. As the trusted ad network of TikTok for business, Pangle's ad network reaches 700 million users in more than 30 regions on five continents. Better still, Pangle promises advertisers more media exposure with a selection of rich ad formats and dedicated templates for shopping season that will help capture the attention of shoppers.

And to help advertisers start their preparations for the shopping season, we've put together a useful checklist and timeline covering all of the key information you need to know in order to maximize your sales.

What are the biggest sales dates for advertisers this year?

For Southeast Asia, 11th November and 12th December are peak days for mega sales. For regions such as the Middle East and Latin America, the demand will spike during and in the run-up to major sales days such as Black Friday, which takes place on 25th November this year.

Why is Pangle perfect for e-commerce companies?

For the upcoming shopping season, Pangle, covering 100,000+ high-quality mobile application resources around the world, has also fully expanded and reserved a large number of e-commerce high-adaptive traffic, including casual games, social, videos, photo beauty, services, etc. Moreover, the ads of e-commerce advertisers will be displayed and prioritized on apps highly-adaptive with e-commerceduring the shopping season, resulting in higher engagement rates.

Utilize exciting ad formats and dedicated templates to boost your sales and increase conversions

You need ads that get customers excited but we recognise that developing ads from scratch can take up a lot of time. To help advertisers make their ads more creative, we've launched exclusive advertising templates for high-traffic regions such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

These ad templates are supported across our five advertising formats – rewarded video ads, interstitial ads, native ads, app open ads and banner ads, with a variety of choices available – and have been designed to save you time and capture the attention of customers with eye-catching designs. A custom ad template we designed for Ramadan festival in the Middle East earlier this year led to an increase of overall ad clicks by 18% in comparison to non-Ramadan branded templates, while reducing the conversion cost of the ads by 15%.

Source: Pangle data 2021

How to use Pangle's dedicated ad portfolio to attract traffic and boost conversions

As an advertiser, you need to consider which platforms are best suited to your products, ad creative and where you're trying to send your viewers.

For app e-commerce advertiser, Dynamic Shopping Ads (DSA) allows brands to promote thousands, even millions of product SKUs through personalized video ads to a target demographic with specific audience interests and purchasing behavior (such as viewing product or adding to chart).

Essentially, this means that Pangle's DSA can meet two core sales objectives of app e-commerce advertisers at the same time while providing the ability to superimpose the value optimization (VO) function to convert users that show higher consumption potential.

For landing page e-commerce advertiser, if your primary goal is to win more traffic, we recommend optimizing traffic objectives. However, if you're interested in lower-funnel events such as purchase, we recommend using IAEO product to optimize purchase event or value optimization(VO) to optimize various purchase behaviors.

How to prepare for the shopping season

Follow the checklist below to ensure you're prepared.



T-2 weeks

  1. Fully test all of your ad creatives, especially pictures
  1. Start warming up by accumulating the traffic you need at a low cost
  1. Explore the effectiveness of high and lower funnel events

T-1 week

  1. Set up your ad campaign in advance so you can get a gauge on what's working and what isn't working, so you can be fully confident in your ad creative when it gets busier.
  1. Adjust your ad creative as needed with various dedicated templates.

Big Days

  1. Build up your traffic while it's still low-cost in the final weeks
  1. Avoid unnecessary targeting so you're not wasting money.

T+N weeks

  1. Launch your campaign and continue to monitor it and see how it's performing. Make any changes as needed.
  1. Take advantage of value optimization to increase the ROI of your ads

How e-commerce platform Trendyol found success with Pangle

Pangle helped Trendyol, the leading e-commerce platform in Turkey, tap into the opportunities during the shopping season by generating more traffic and increasing conversions across their product portfolio. Trendyol's cost per session dropped by 17% while boosting the platform's click-to-session ratio by a staggering 50% on Black Friday.

How did Trendyol tap into these opportunities? By using Dynamic Display Advertising to increase its ad delivery by 400% while encouraging platform users to complete purchases to improve conversions. Trendyol also used Pangle's lower funnel events in the high-value product advertising group (AEO) to improve conversion efficiency.

Source: Pangle data

Stand out this shopping season

If you have any questions, please contact your account manager, or, we are more than happy to help!