The Key to Trendyol's Success in Warming Up Their Sales Season Campaign

Trendyol provides a flawless e-commerce experience for more than 30 million customers with the power of technology and offers convenience by meeting every need on a single platform. By supporting the digitization of more than 2300 direct sellers and SMEs, Trendyol also helps them to reach more customers and grow their businesses.

The Goal: Ramping Up for Big Sales

In Turkey, November is the prime shopping season of the year, led by Single's Day (11/11/2021) and followed by Black Friday (11/26/2021) shopping events. As a leading e-commerce platform, Trendyol offered thousands of competitive deals to capitalize on the opportunities. To maximize the exposure of the two mega sales events, Trendyol kicked off marketing campaigns 2-3 days before the days of the sales to amplify awareness and warm up the customers. Therefore, traffic generation was the critical marketing objective to ignite sales on the big days. Trendyol leveraged multiple marketing channels to bring traffic to the app, allocated budgets based on historical Cost-per-Session (CPS), and evaluated the campaign using the same KPIs.

Our Approach: Perfect Ad Placement with Pangle

Months before the shopping festivals, we worked with Trendyol to test out the Pangle channel with limited budgets and established confidence in the channel backed up by 3rd-party data. During the two periods of promotion, Trendyol utilized Pangle's complete product portfolio to accomplish the marketing objective:

  1. Traffic: leverages Pangle's extensive audience network and reaches out to new audiences through their daily mobile touchpoints.
  1. Dynamic Showcase Ads (DSA) - Retargeting: utilizes dynamic creatives, i.e., product shots, to re-connect with existing customers based on their historical shopping behavior on the platform.
  1. App Event Optimization (AEO) with event bid: increases the purchase probability, ultimately improving ROAS.

The Results: CPS 17% Below the Target

Overall, Pangle Single's Day and Black Friday campaigns were huge successes, with an average Cost Per Session(CPS) 17% below the target. More importantly, CPS has successfully been resistant to drastic budget increases throughout the campaign period.

During Single's Day, the Pangle DSA-Retargeting campaigns achieved the best CPS result and provided around 50% lower CPS than originally targeted. Despite fierce traffic competition during Black Friday, Pangle far exceeded Trendyol's expectations when their traffic campaigns yielded an average CPS ~30% lower than the target CPS. Pangle DSA-Retargeting campaigns clearly possess an apparent advantage over Click to Session ratio as it achieved around 70% during Single's Day and 50% during Black Friday, surpassing other types of campaigns along the way. The cost-efficient traffic driven to the app managed to contribute to Trendyol's conversion rate and ROAS metrics positively.