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Please search and troubleshoot the problem according to the full text of the keyword. If the doc cannot directly help you solve the problem that can be directly described in detail and then send an email to the , there will be someone to answer it for you.

Basic FAQ

Why do you return repeated advertisements?

The same advertiser will use similar material content to create multiple advertising schemes in the advertising background, so the platform may have many advertisements with similar content in the returned advertisements, but the advertising scheme IDs corresponding to these advertisements are different. Pangle is based on different advertising scheme ID corresponding to the effectiveness of advertising billing.

What is the reduplicate rule for Pangle?

  • Display or click is deduplicated because of duplication: If the user sees or clicks the advertisement returned by a request many times, the effective display and click are only recorded once, the client side display click will be called back many times, and Pangle will reduplicate at the server level;
  • Timeout deduplicate: The effective time limit for advertisements from distribution to display is 1 hour. If it is displayed for more than one hour, it will not be counted as a valid display. Therefore, developers are reminded to pay attention to the caching time of advertisements. If it is more than one hour, please re-request new advertisements to display.

Pangle advertising effective display definition

  • News feed ads : display area more than 20% pixels, display time more than 1s will be reported to the display (picture and video advertising display detection rules are consistent)
  • Insert advertisement & incentive video advertisement: the video will be reported to the display as soon as it starts playing (not based on the completion of playing)
  • B any: display 1s can report the display volume , advertising display width is not less than 50px

What is the reason why the advertisement is normally filled in Performance (the filling rate is normal) but the impression is 0?

A: Check whether the app is in test status. Before sending a live traffic request, please make sure that your ad display location is set to run mode. Please note that once set to run mode, the ad display location will not be able to return to test mode again.

Is it necessary to motivate the server callback mode in video advertising?

It is not necessary, the server mode only adds a third-party server verification judgment, and the specific reward is issued by the client side . When the server callback mode is not used, the verification of the rewardedVideoAdServerRewardDidSucceed interface returns true by default after the video playback is completed.

Can different excitation video code spot server level callback addresses be the same?

Yes, different code spots can use the same interface for validity verification.

What advertising elements do you need to include to display Pangle native ads?

Advertisements should clearly display advertising titles, descriptions, creative materials, Angolan platform logos, advertising logos and other content.

Request advertisement appears Errorcode: -16 Error code How do I check the settings?

Please check the COPPA (COPPA means Children's Online Privacy Protection Law and other regulations) settings first. If the developer does not specify the user's age, the platform will deem it as a mature user by default. If coppa is set to 1, the platform will only place advertisements intended for children to watch, and requesting advertisements will be restricted.

How do I check the 40034 error code in the requested advertisement?

Bidding and non-Bidding code spots need to be used in the corresponding environment and do not support mixing ; the above mixing means that non-Bidding type code spots cannot be directly used for advertising requests in the Bidding environment.

Note: If you want to turn on the Pangle bidding as bidding function , make sure that the Pangle SDK version is higher than Android 

How do I check the 20001 error code in the requested advertisement?



Investigation hint


request was not filled because of the lack of suitable ads. Sporadic occurrences of this error are normal. If the error occurs frequently, please check if the ad size was filled correctly, simulators were used, requested a large amount of ads or the show count was extremely low for a single device, etc. If none of the above items are checked out, please contact the system administrator with information including the ad slot info, frequency of occurrence and request timestamps.

Try to change equipment for testing

The country/region is currently not supported by Pangle.

See the help doc for Pangle supported regions

The fill rate for this placement was restricted temporarily due to low CPR.

The code spot advertising effect is not good. It improves the display rate of advertising

The Pangle Reporting API link request shows 101 (authentication failed). How do I troubleshoot the authentication failure?

  1. Check whether the domain name is correct, the correct domain name:
  2. Check time_zone parameters, UTC 0/UTC 8
  3. Confirm whether the request parameters are written correctly

Android FAQ

How to troubleshoot the problem that TTMultiProvider cannot be found in upgrading SDK compilation?

TTMultiProvider needs to be removed from v sdk , otherwise it will cause packaging failure .

Upgrade SDK to 41xx version ANR problems need how to troubleshoot?

If the SDK initialization is initialized in the main thread , ANR problems may occur. The 4116 version starts to directly discard the initialization synchronization method and directly use the asynchronous method for initialization processing.

Q: Using the "AutoSize" screen adaptation scheme causes the SDK 's ad display to be abnormal?

A: Cancel screen adaptation to the Activity of the Pangle SDK in the Application


SDK Activity List


Request advertisement appears ErrorCode = 98764 How to troubleshoot?

The reason for the above problem is that modifying the time or time zone of the mobile phone device causes the request advertisement to appear. The request timed out is not filled by default. Please check the relevant settings of the mobile phone device.