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Earn higher eCPMs with app-ads.txt adoption


The app-ads.txt project is an initiative of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) that aims to reduce mobile advertising fraud. Developers can create an app-ads.txt file to help advertisers quickly identify whether ad networks are legitimate app distributors

Benefits from App-ads.txt

We strongly encourage developers to add Pangle to your app-ads.txt.

Major brand budgets strongly prefer verified authorized ad sources. By implementing app-ads.txt, developers signal to Pangle and DSPs that their inventory is safe. Developers who don’t implement app-ads.txt are likely to be removed from Brand advertisers' pool of targeted media, which effects developers revenue eventually.

How to add Pangle to your app-ads.txt file:

  1. Create an app-ads.txt file using the spec provided by IAB Tech Lab.

If you already have an app-ads.txt file which is listed on Google Play or the App Store,you can skip this step and use the same app-ads.txt file

If you have not yet created an app-ads.txt file, you can create a new .txt file and enter the content above. Then, create a new directory under the company domain name linked to your App Store or Google Play

Next, upload the .txt file to this newly created directory. The format for the directory where the .txt file is stored is as follows:

  1. Copy and paste the following code into your app-ads.txt file, Account ID, DIRECT, 161490, RESELLER, 5d62403b186f2ace

Account ID:It is your pangle account id, can be found in the bottom-left corner of the platform’s main page, under your account name is one of Pangle's DSPs. Adding this code into your app-ads.txt could ensure receiving brand budgets from Pubmatic

Code common error cases:take Pangle account ID = 1234 as example




Correct, 1234, DIRECT

True, 3456, DIRECT


Content ID must be exactly the same as your account ID

Change content ID to 1234(as your account ID),Account ID, DIRECT

False, 1234, Direct


Content DIRECT must be all caps and spelled correctly

Change status suffix to all caps (ex. DIRECT), 1234, DERECT

False, 1234, direct

False, 1234, DIRECT.



Content must have account ID

Add your account ID to the content, 1234, DIRECT, 3456, DIRECT


Only if you have several Pangle accounts linked to the same website, 1234, DIRECT, 1234, RESELLER


Same account ID cannot be used with different status suffix

Delete invaild content,One account ID can only have one status

  1. Publish your app-ads.txt on the root of your developer website

Publish/update the file on the root of your domain website