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Error Code

Error code


Investigation hint


resources not found, if you use aab please call PAGConfig.setPackageName

If you use obfuscation, please make sure to add Pangle's resources to the whitelist. You can refer to this link for more information: link

Also, if you use Pangle's AAB function, please call PAGConfig.setPackageName and use '.to' to split the base package name and module package name.


Please exec PAGSdk.init before load ad

Initialize the SDK and then initiate an ad request


load time out

The ad object is not returned within the specified time. We do not recommend initiating the request again.


resource error

Resource loading failed due to network and other reasons.


No fill


BadRequest: Empty Slot ID

Indicates that the slotID is null


BadRequest: Invalid Ad Size

Indicates that the AdSize is missing or an unsupported size is passed.


Invalid Slot ID

Indicates that the length of the slot ID is incorrect, or an empty string is passed.


BadRequest: Image size error

Indicates that the image size is not supported.


Invalid App ID

Indicates that the app id is invalid or app id is missing


Using App Open Ad's placement to other request methods.

The non-splash ad request method uses the splash ad placement ID. Check whether the ad placement ID used for the requested advertisement is correct, the app open ad placement ID is a nine-digit number starting with 8


BadRequest: Slot ID and App ID is not matched

Indicates that the relationship between App Id and Slot Id is invalid or App Id is missing.


Invalid Package Name

Indicates that the package name of your project does not match the package name you filled in the Pangle platform.


BadRequest: Ad Type and Slot Id are not matched

Indicates that Ad Type and Slot Id are not matched. For example, try to load a rewarded ad with a banner ad slot id.


BadRequest: Invalid SHA1 value

Indicates that the SHA1 is not matched with the SHA1 you entered on the Pangle platform.

There are a situation that may cause ad request issues:

  1. Lack of so library for pangle. Mono cannot be used in Unity, ill2cpp needs to be used, and 64-bit must be checked, and then Android - > Resolve will be executed to download 64-bit so.


BadRequest: Incorrect API method

Indicates that the API method is incorrect


BadRequest: The SDK version is too low

Please update to the latest SDK


BadRequest: verification failed

Update to the latest SDK


BadRequest: Incorrect API method

There are three situations that may cause ad request issues:

  1. IOS ad request method error: When the SDK rendering and self-rendering ad request methods are different, the solution is to use the SDK rendering method with the correct parameters to request the ad.
  2. Ineffective server slotID configuration: If the server slotID configuration is not effective, developers need to wait 2-3 minutes for the new slotID to request the ad.
  3. Low SDK version: When the SDK version is too low (lower than, the personalized SDK rendering function is not supported. The solution is to update to the latest version of the Platform SDK.


Incorrect Bidding Ad Placement

  1. Bidding ad placement can not be used in a non-bidding environment
  2. Non-bidding ad placement can not be used in a bidding environment.


BadRequest: Incorrect app name

A warning when the name of the app is different from that of the media platform


System mismatch ID

1. Use Android's app ID to request in the iOS SDK2. Use iOS app ID to request in Android SDK