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NOTICE: Please update Pangle iOS SDK to v4.7.0.8 or higher when using Xcode 14+ for app development to prevent compatibility issues.

This guide is intended for publishers seeking to monetize traffic outside of China exclusively. In the event that monetization of traffic in China Mainland with the same build is also desired, please refer to the corresponding guide located at How to import both Pangle and CSJ.

Environment requirement

  • IOS 12.0 and higher;
  • SDK compilation environment Xcode 13.1;
    • If you use Xcode 14 and above to develop your app, please make sure to update Pangle iOS SDK to v4.7.0.8 and above, otherwise it will cause some compatibility problems.
  • Supporting architecture: x86-64, armv7, arm64,i386

Note: ios 9 is no longer supported starting from v3.5.0.0. Pangle does not support bitcode when using Xcode 14, because Apple has deprecated the support for bitcode on Xcode 14. For detailed articles, please refer to here: link

Import Pangle SDK through CocoaPods(preferred):

The simplest way to import the SDK into an iOS project is to use CocoaPods. Open your project's Podfile and add this line to your app's target:

  • Note: import Pangle SDK that the version is higher v3.4.0.0
  • Note: if you want to import the old version of Pangle SDK that the version is lower v3.4.0.0, as shown below:

Swift Package Manager:

We have supported Swift Package Manager since version,SPM version is 5.2.0-release.6) or version, SPM version is 5.3.0-beta.2).

If you prefer to integrate using Swift Package Manager, follow the instructions here.

Download Pangle SDK Manually:

Download and unzip the SDK framework from Pangle Platform directly, and import the following frameworks and bundles into your Xcode project manually:

  • BUAdSDK.framework
  • BUFoundation.framework (v4.7.0.0 removed)
  • BUAdSDK.bundle (v4.6.0.0 removed)
  • BUVAAuxiliary.framework(v4.7.0.0 removed)
  • BURelyFoundation_Global.framework(v4.3.0.0 added, BURelyFoundation_Global is the underlying basic function library, providing basic functions for Pangle. v4.7.0.0 change name to BURelyFoundation.framework)
  • BURelyAdSDK.framework(v4.5.0.0 added)
  • PAGAdSDK.framework  (v4.5.0.0 added, providing basic functions for Pangle.)
  • PAGAdSDK.bundle (v4.5.0.0 added, providing basic functions for Pangle.)

Note: When you upgrade the SDK, you need to update all frameworks and bundle files.

Please make sure that Copy Bundle Resource contains BUAdSDK.bundle.

Xcode Compiler Option Settings

Add Permissions

Add the parameter -ObjC to Other Linker Flags in build settings, and the SDK before supports - all_ load

Detailed Steps:

Add Dependency Libraries

The project needs to find Link Binary With Libraries in TARGETS - > Build Phases, click "+", and then add the following dependent libraries in order.

  • AppTrackingTransparency.framework
  • StoreKit.framework
  • MobileCoreServices.framework
  • WebKit.framework
  • MediaPlayer.framework
  • CoreMedia.framework
  • AVFoundation.framework
  • CoreTelephony.framework
  • SystemConfiguration.framework
  • AdSupport.framework
  • CoreMotion.framework
  • Accelerate.framework
  • libresolv.9.tbd
  • libc++.tbd
  • libz.tbd
  • libsqlite3.tbd
  • libbz2.tbd
  • libxml2.tbd
  • libiconv.tbd
  • libc++abi.tbd (newly required from sdk v3.5.0.0)
  • Security.framework
  • JavaScriptCore.framework
  • AudioToolbox.framework
  • DeviceCheck.framework (newly required from sdk v4.7.0.8, v5.3.0.0 removed)

Note: Add the ImageIO.framework if the above dependency library is still reporting errors.

Detailed Steps:

Add language configuration

Advanced topics

The app-ads.txt project is an initiative of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) that aims to reduce mobile advertising fraud. Developers need to refer to the documentation to configure app-ads.