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Additional Configuration for Android

After importing the Pangle Unity plugin, check the following configurations: add permissions and provider in the AndroidManifest.xml and avoid obfuscating the code of Pangle SDK.

Add Permissions

Add the permissions in the Androidmanifest.xml.

Note: Pangle SDK does not compulsorily obtain the above permissions, and the SDK can work normally even if the optional permissions are not obtained; obtaining the above permissions will help pangle SDK provide a better experience and performance.

Androidmanifest.xml must be configured under the Assets-Plugins-Android path. Missing TTMultiProvider may cause abnormal online statistics display.



When generating the Android platform release installation package, you need to check the obfuscated configuration. If you need to use Proguard to obfuscate your code, be sure not to obfuscate the SDK code. Please add the following configuration at the end of the proguard-user.txt file (or other obfuscated files)

Note: If the SDK code is obfuscated, it will cause the ad to fail to display or other anomalies.