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This guide is intended for publishers seeking to monetize their Unity app with Pangle. The Pangle Unity Plugin currently supports the following ad formats: Rewarded Video, Interstitial Video, and Banner.

Integrating the Pangle Unity plugin into an app, as detailed in this guide, is the first step towards displaying Pangle ads and generating revenue. After successful integration, you may select an ad format and follow the detailed implementation steps provided for the chosen format.


  • Unity 2019 or higher


  • iOSXcode 11 or higher
  • iOS 10.x or higher
  • Supporting architecture: x86-64, armv7, arm64, i386CocoaPods


  • AndroidMinSdkVersion 14 or higher
  • TargetSDKVersion 28 or higher
  • CompileSdkVersion 29 or higher
  • Gradle version required 4.1.0 or higher


  1. The official demo example demonstrates the process using Unity 2019 version. In case you are using Unity 2018 version, it is recommended to import the PangleAdapterScripts.unitypackage and Example.unitypackage (example files) in the Unity editor, and then delete the Packages folder. The system will automatically generate new Packages.
  2. If you are unable to view the ad sample style in Unity 2018 version, you can replace the file with 2018DemoUI_CN.unitypackage to view the sample. Please contact the Pangle support team via email at to obtain the file.

Download the Pangle Unity plugin

The Pangle Unity plugin enables Unity developers to easily serve Google Mobile Ads on Android and iOS apps without having to write Java or Objective-C code. The plugin provides a C# interface for requesting ads that are used by C# scripts in your Unity project.Download the Pangle Unity plugin on the Pangle platform.

Import Unity Plugin to your project

Open your project in the Unity editor, select Assets > Import Package > Custom Package, and find the PangleAdapterScripts.unitypackage. Make sure all files are selected, and then click Import.


Automatically upgrade SDK version configuration

Open your project in the Unity editor and select Pangle->Manage SDKs->Upgrade to upgrade the version, see screenshot for details


for details


  1. The "Upgrade" button should be disabled if there is no newer version.
  1. [Strongly recommended]After the SDK version is automatically upgraded, DELETE the following config string OTHER_LDFLAGS from *.debug.xcconfig and *.release.xcconfig. (Also apply if there are any other build xcconfig file exist)
  1. In addition, we no longer provide PangleSDK.unitypackage after version 3700, Instead, PangleSDK is managed by CocoaPods install CocoaPods.