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Payment FAQ

1. Why can't I see my statement?

You will not be able to receive a statement if one of the following situations occurs:

  • Incomplete payment information: statements will only be updated after all required payment information is provided.
  • Email notification of delayed statement: If a violation of the platform's content, traffic, qualifications or other relevant policies occurs, resulting in delayed settlement or deduction, the corresponding amount will be deducted in monthly statement. No statement will be provided if the remaining balance is 0.
  • Just completed or still processing company information update: If you are changing business entity, we will regenerate the statement based on updated company information. This is usually available around 20 minutes after the process is complete.

If you encounter one of the situations above, you can contact us at, or contact your Account Manager in Pangle.

2. What payment methods does Pangle support?

Pangle currently supports Wire Transfer.

3. What currencies does Pangle support for payment?

All payments will be made in US dollars and Pangle does not support other currencies at the moment.

4. How long is the payment cycle for Pangle?

Pangle will release the previous month's statement around the 8th working day of each month. After you click to confirm the statement, the payment will be made within 10 working days.

5. Is there a minimum payment requirement?

The minimum payment amount is $100.