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Auto-Update Plugin For Android


Pangle's auto-update plugin can assist developers in automatically upgrading the Pangle SDK to match the adapters of various ad networks (currently 5: AdMob, IronSource, Max, TradPlus, and TopOn), eliminating the need for developers to manually configure the Pangle SDK and its version. It boasts fast access, flexible configuration, and plugin self-updating features.

Supported integrations

  1. Using implementation: implementation('')
  2. Using api: api('')

Unsupported integrations

  1. Using local file: implementation(name: "open_ad_sdk", ext: 'aar')
  2. Using special symbols like '+' : implementation('')
  3. Using other symbols: compileOnly, compile, provide, embed, etc.
  4. Other mediation besides Max/Admob/Ironsource/topon/tradplus/in-house mediation.

Environment requirements:

  • Gradle version: 6.5 or higher
  • Ensure the Pangle SDK is integrated into the project before importing the Pangle auto-update plugin.

Import auto-update plugin

  1. Project-level build.gradle setting
  1. App-level build.gradle setting


  • Open the app-level build.gradle file for your app and configure it as below.
  • To prevent frequent adjustments to the readLocationAutoVersion setting for both online and offline testing, you can employ the following configuration. Additionally, include the '-PreadLocal=true' parameter when packaging for formal release.

Dependency generation

  • Click sync

  • Upon synchronization, a file named pangle_local_version.txt will be created within the app directory. This file should be included in the final Git upload.
  • Pangle automatically checks for updates every 30 minutes or whenever there's a change in the local dependency version. If you need to manually trigger an update, you can use the command pangle_update_version to fetch the latest changes.


Error Message



org.gradle.api.GradleException: Network request failed

Network error

Check whether the network is normal and whether there is proxy interception, etc.

org.gradle.api.GradleException: Set readLocationAutoVersion = true,But local configuration files(pangle_location_version.txt)not found,Please check and try again

Used local mode and didn't upload pangle_location_version.txt to git.

Need to upload pangle_location_version.txt to git

org.gradle.api.GradleException: can not get pangle sdk version

No pangle dependency found.

Need to integrate pangle first.