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App Open Ads

💡 The Pangle SDK supports App Open Ads in version 4300 and above. This document is intended for developers who are directly utilizing the Pangle SDK. However, if you are integrating Pangle through mediation, kindly proceed to the section designated for this purpose.


App Open Ads constitute a distinctive ad format that caters to publishers seeking to monetize their app load screens. These ads are strategically positioned to be exhibited when your users switch to your app and may be terminated at any point.


Create an app and App Open ad placement on the Pangle platform

App Open Ads Implementation

The main steps to integrate App Open ads are:

  • Set the host app icon
  • Create the object of PAGAppOpenRequest
  • Load an ad and register PAGAppOpenAdLoadListener callback
  • Register PAGAppOpenAdInteractionListener callback
  • Show the ad

Set Host APPIcon

Please set the host app icon when initializing the Pangle SDK

Tips: Please follow the code below to set the app icon, otherwise the icon image won't be displayed in the App open ad.

Create the PAGAppOpenRequest Object

PAGAppOpenRequest is an Ad Loading Manager. It is recommended to be the member variable of the Activity. This class can configure the load timeout period.

Load an ad and Register PAGAppOpenAdLoadListener callback

Use the method of PAGAppOpenAd to load the ad, and register the PAGAppOpenAdLoadListener callback.

Note: After the waterfall app open Ad is displayed or closed, Pangle SDK will automatically start a new ad request for the next display chance, please turn off the self-built Pre-loading logic.

The description of PAGAppOpenAdLoadListener




This method is invoked when an ad fails to load. It includes an error parameter of type Error that indicates what type of failure occurred. For more information, refer to the ErrorCode section.


This method is executed when an ad material is loaded successfully.

Register Ad Event Callback

Ad event callbacks need to be registered before displaying an ad. Each method in the event callback corresponds to an event in the ad lifecycle.

The description of PAGAppOpenAdInteractionListener callback




This method is invoked when the ad is displayed, covering the device's screen.


This method is invoked when the ad is clicked by the user.


This method is invoked when the ad disappears.

Show Ad

An instance of the PAGAppOpenAd object will be returned when the ad is loaded successfully. Call the show()method of PAGAppOpenAd to render the ad and it needs to pass into activity, and it must be called in the main thread.

Test with test ads

Upon completing the integration, it is essential to ensure that you test your app functionality prior to launching it to end users. It is highly recommended that you employ test ads rather than live ads.

To facilitate the testing process, Pangle offers a "test mode" that is specifically designed to generate test ads for every request. You can seamlessly implement this mode in your app during the coding, testing, and debugging phase, and gain confidence that your app's ad functionality is fully operational before deploying it to end users.

Refer to the How to add a test device? to add your device to the test devices on the Pangle platform.