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Integrate Pangle SDK for Android

In order to optimize the intrgration experience, we will make some big changes of interface in version 4600 and use a new set of integrate methods. This document is an interface comparison for upgrading the old version to version 4600. You can also read the detailed document below for integrating. If you need to integrate the version below 4600, please jump to the old integration document.

Environment requirement:

  • minSdkVersion 16 and higher
  • targetSDKVersion 29 and higher
  • compileSdkVersion 29 and higher
  • gradleVersion required as below

Note: Pangle supports Android 11 since v3500 SDK . If your targetSDKVersion is 30 and above, we strongly recommend updating Pangle SDK to v3510 and higher

Import Pangle SDK

Note: JFrog has announced that they are shutting down the Bintray hosting service, which includes the popular JCenter hosting service for Java artifacts . The Pangle Android repository has been migrated to Maven

Apps can import the Pangle SDK with Gradle dependency. First, make sure that Maven is referenced in the allprojects section of your project-level build.gradle file with the url ''.

Example project-level build.gradle (excerpt)

Next, open the app-level build.gradle file for your app, and look for a "dependencies" section.

Add the line in bold above, which instructs Gradle to pull in the Pangle SDK and additional related dependencies. Once that's done, save the file and perform a Gradle sync.

Update your AndroidManifestl.xml

Add the required permissions to your app's AndroidManifest.xml file, as shown below.


If you need to use proguard to obfuscate your code, be sure not to obfuscate the SDK code. Please add the following configuration at the end of the proguard.cfg file (or other obfuscated files):

  1. After v3.6.0.0, the aar package will contain an proguard file proguard.txt. The default apk packaging will automatically reference the proguard file. If you modify the proguard task in the Gradle build script, please make sure that the content in proguard.txt is merged into the packaged proguard configuration.
  2. And please make sure not to obfuscate our resource file, you can download the complete whitelist of each version from the platform. If you obfuscate the APK using the AndResGuard resource obfuscation tool, be sure to add all the contents of the whiteList.txt provided by pangle to your project's whitelist.

Or you can download whiteList here: link

If you use shrinkresource, please add our resource file to your whitelist.

Advanced topics

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