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Appeal Procedure

1. Should Partner wish to appeal Pangle’s deactivation of its account/app/placement ID and Pangle’s cessation of service of advertisements to the Partner’s app, Partner may e-mail to initiate the appeal process. Partner should describe the changes that it has made to comply with the policies or provide an explanation as to why it has not violated the Pangle Ad Policy.

2. Partner must initiate the appeal process within 7 calendar days from the date of receipt of the Violation Notice. Pangle will begin a formal review after receiving the Partner’s e-mail and will respond by email with the results of the appeal to the Partner within 15 calendar days.

3. In order to facilitate the appeal process, Partner should provide the following information after receiving Pangle’s Notification:

a. Account ID and Account Name

b. App download URL or build (APK/IPA)

c. App ID and App Name

d. Placement ID and Placement Name

e. Placement Data in Pangle Notification

4. Partner should ensure that it conducts a careful review of the Pangle Ad Policy before appealing a Violation Notice.

5. After Pangle confirms that Partner is compliant with Pangle Ad Policy, Pangle will reactivate the Partner’s account/app/placement ID and resume the service of advertisements to the Partner’s app.

6. Should Partner fail to appeal within 7 calendar days after receiving the Violation Notice or if Pangle rejects Partner s appeal, Pangle will deduct fees from the Revenue, as determined by Pangle in its sole discretion, based on the severity of the violation.

7. Partner has one chance to appeal a violation. Should Partner fail to appeal within the allocated time period or if Partner’s appeal fails, Partner will not be entitled to a second appeal.