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How to Add an App?

After logging in to Pangle, you can add new apps on the Application page by the following steps:

1. Click "Add App"

2.Select the App Status

When creating an application, you can select either of the following application statuses:

  • Test: Ads in the test phase support impressions and clicks but do not incur any costs.
  • Live: Ads are delivered and the ad platform generates relevant data.

Note: Publishers are only eligible to create live applications after the contract is in effect. Accounts whose contracts are not in effect can only create test applications.

Besides Testing and Live, created applications also feature the following two statuses:

  • Verifying: The app is under review. You will receive the results via a system message. Please don't forget to check your messages.
  • Paused: Advertising is unavailable for all suspended apps.

3. Select the Operating System and enter App URL (the app store page link)


  • Apple App Store URL format:[region]/app/[app-name]/id[store-id][region]/app/[app-name]/id[store-id]

  • Google Play URL format:{xxxx}

What should I do with duplicate package name?

If Pangle platform displays "This application already exists" during the creation process, please contact and provide your application information including store page URL, package name, and OS type.

We will help to process your requests upon receipt of the email.

4. Confirm App Name

App name will auto populate after entering the App URL.

5.Select App Category

Please select the same category as appeared on your app store page.

6.Select Blocking Controls to block unwanted ads

7. Select Blocking Controls to block unwanted ads.

If your account does not have any existing blocking rules, please create new rules to select.