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Ad Reporting

In order to maintain consistently high quality and user experience of Pangle ads for your users, we have provided an ad reporting portal for developers to report non-compliant ads. You can report an ad that you believe to contain fraudulent, misleading, violent, or vulgar content.

Ad Reporting Process

1. Reporting Portal

After blocking an ad in "Ad Review", you can move your cursor over the blocked ad material, and a prompt for reporting will appear in the top right corner.

You can also report the blocked ad on its Details page.

2. Filling in Report Information

Please follow the tips and fill in the report information as detailed as possible, as this will help us process your report.

3. Feedback on Report Results

We may not review all the ads you report, but we will include your feedback in our review process. Once you submit your report, you will be notified of any further processing results via message and email.