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Global configuration and initialization

All the resources required for global configuration and initialization can be found at our POD URL: https://github.com/bytedance/Bytedance-UnionAD.
To start the configuration, for example, you can command pod 'Bytedance-UnionAD', '=>' to get the SDK version
Visit our GitHub page for more details on integrating the POD method.
For iOS devices, the -ObjC parameter should be added to Other Linker Flags in Build Settings. Our SDK supports -all_load.
Q: What could be causing repeated ads to return?
The platform may return similar ads when an advertiser has created multiple campaigns in the background using similar ad resources; however, these ads are mapped to different campaign IDs.
Q: What are Pangle's de-duplication rules?
Showing rules: Multiple showings of an ad returned for a single request will be counted as one valid show. For example, when a user scrolls away from a feed ad and later scrolls back, both shows are reported by the client, but the server will perform de-duplication and count them as one valid show.
Click rules: Multiple clicks on an ad returned for a single request in one show will be counted for a maximum of one valid click.
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